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Will Small Cap Marijuana Stocks See More Gains In December

Small Cap Marijuana Stocks In December

2 Small-Cap Marijuana Stocks To Watch Next Month

Since the start of the cannabis industry, many pot stocks have seen wildly unpredictable gains and losses. The industry’s infancy is the main reason to blame for the massive marijuana stock volatility along with Covid. But, with so many investors only paying attention to the top cannabis stocks by market cap, what about the little guys? Not only are small-cap pot stocks a solid place to begin making a list of pot stocks to buy, but they also can often be heavily guided toward a specific market rather. However many believe diversification is key for one’s marijuana stock portfolio.

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Yet others have found massive benefits in targeting one specific area of the cannabis industry. For most of 2020, the coronavirus has made the cannabis market even more volatile than usual. It does seem as though investors are becoming more comfortable with the current state of the market. Although, this stability may be short lived. At this time, it is best to begin making a list of marijuana stocks to watch that may be a better long term investment than a short term one. In this way, investors can bet on the future of the cannabis industry rather than the volatile present. Although there are benefits to both investing methods, the long term is where the majority of gains are expected to be.

Small-Cap Marijuana Stock Watchlist

Flowr Corp. (FLWPF Stock Report)
CV Sciences, Inc. (CVSI Stock Report)

A Small Cap Marijuana Stock To Watch Flowr Corp.

Flowr Corp. (FLWPF Stock Report) is one of the leading small-cap growers of cannabis. The company has managed to specify its market greatly, by producing only extremely high-quality marijuana. Back in 2019, it received approval by the SEC in the U.S. to be uplisted to the NASDAQ. This would have been a major benefit to the company as it would allow it access to higher amounts of both capital and notoriety. Yet currently FLWPF stock still trades on the OTC side of the market. The company has continued to maintain its focus on the ultra-premium side of the market. By doing this, it has largely managed to avoid finding competition in the cannabis industry.

Although it does produce extremely high-quality products, the company has still managed to put out almost 300 grams per square foot. This is a much higher yield than almost any other grower in the industry. This just goes to show how much innovation Flowr Corp. is putting forth. Over the last 2 weeks from November 6th to November 20th FLWPF stock up 22%. With momentum picking up, the company continues to be a very interesting marijuana stock to watch.

A Small Cap Marijuana Stock To Watch CV Sciences, Inc.

CV Sciences, Inc. (CVSI Stock Report) though not as known as other marijuana stocks still holds value as a small-cap marijuana stock. The runs its business in two divisions, one being consumer goods and Specialty Pharmaceuticals. The company is most known for its CBD products. The company first got its start back in 2010 out of sunny California. At one time the company was named CannaVest Corp. before changing to CV Sciences back in 2016.

In recent news, the company announced on November 4th it will be releasing PlusCBD™ Pet. This product is a CBD extract for cats and dogs. Each PlusCBD™ Pet item is made with the same hemp extracts used in other CV Sciences CBD products. As well shortly following this news the company released its Q3 earnings for 2020. This is what the company had to say about its earnings.

“We are pleased to deliver a return to modest sequential revenue growth during the third quarter and have been active with our product and business development activities. Stated Joseph Dowling, Chief Executive Officer of CV Sciences

Are Small-Cap Marijuana Stocks The Right Choice

So with the above info, you can see some of the ups and downs with small-cap marijuana stocks. However with any investment of any kind no risk no reward. Yet with small-cap marijuana stocks, some offer less volatility making them a bit safer for investors to place their money. But just like anything proper research and understanding is needed especially when looking for marijuana stocks to buy in 2021

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