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Two U.S. Marijuana Stocks To Watch With Solid Track Records

Can These Two American Pot Stocks Continue to Show Growth Potential?


The U.S. cannabis industry has become the focus for marijuana stock investors. In only the past few months, we have seen a massive amount of bulls enter into U.S. pot stocks to watch. Although Canada has led the charge for nationwide legalization, legislative issues there have caused investors to turn their attention to American cannabis stocks. Within the U.S. cannabis industry, there are several leading marijuana stocks to watch. Currently, there is a great deal of attention being paid to multi-state operator marijuana stocks.

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These companies work by retailing cannabis and cannabis products in states where marijuana is legal. Although it can be capital intensive to start these businesses, oftentimes they end up being extremely profitable. In an industry where profits are hard to come by, U.S. MSOs seem to go against the grain. These marijuana stocks are able to achieve higher margins than most, and can sometimes be vertically integrated as well. For this reason, here are two MSO pot stocks that could be worth watching in the near future.

A Leading Pot Stock Inside a Unique Market

Cresco Labs Inc. (OTC:CRLBF) is one of the leading American cannabis stocks working in the MSO market. CRLBF stock has seen a great deal of momentum in the past few months as retail sales for cannabis have shot up by an incredible amount. While most MSO pot stocks tend to work broadly across the country, CRLBF stock has managed to gain attention for its role in the Illinois market. Although Illinois may seem like a random state to work out of, the company has shown that it has a large amount of potential. In its most recent first-quarter report, CRLBF stock showed around $66 million in sales.

This number is up from the $40 million that it reported in the previous quarter. It seems as though Cresco Labs is only just beginning to find its stride in the U.S. cannabis industry. But, as one of the most prominent MSOs in the market, CRLBF stock has a long path ahead. The company also recently opened its 8th dispensary in Illinois, which gives it a total of 18 locations nationwide. This does not make it the largest MSO by any means, but it does show how fast the company is growing. For this reason, it remains a marijuana stock to watch.

A More Expensive MSO Marijuana Stock to Watch

Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC:CURLF) is another one of the most popular U.S. MSO pot stocks to watch. Currently, CURLF stock has benefitted from the company having as many as 88 dispensaries in operation. This makes it one of the largest MSOs in the country. In addition, Curaleaf’s network spans as many as 23 states around the nation which gives it an incredibly broad reach. In addition to growing its number of retail locations, CURLF stock has been able to grow from the company’s acquisition strategy.

Recently, it reportedly acquired Cura Partners as well as forming a partnership with Mango Cannabis. Both of these moves help CURLF stock to push the boundaries of its market share. Curaleaf has also shown that it is nowhere near finished expanding and expects to move into more states in the near future. With solid growth results, Curaleaf has continued to be one of the most popular MSOs in the U.S. cannabis industry. For this reason, it remains one of the leading marijuana stocks to watch.

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