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The First Major Legal Hemp Grow In Over 80 Years

For the first time in 8 decades, a farm in New York State is legally cultivating marijuana. Just not the kind of marijuana you could get high from. JD Farms, which roughly 230 miles north of New York City, is actually cultivating industrial grade hemp, which can be utilized to make everything from flour to building materials to clothes to plastic.

“Industrial hemp and marijuana are actually the same species, but they have bred and evolved to be quite different from each other,” stated Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins, a professor of agriculture at Morrisville State College.

Currently, industrial hemp still remains on the DEA’s list of illegal Schedule I drugs, though its content of THC – the chemical that gets marijuana users high – is under 0.3 percent. Mr. Justh, and Daniel Dolgin, both co-owners, were not always pioneering farmers.

“When my two sons were becoming teenagers, I really wanted to travel less and spend a lot more time with my family. As I bought the farms and as we were building them up, I wanted to return full time.” In 2015, he did.

“They split their time between Park Slope and the farm, and they are up here all summer.” Mr. Dolgin who at one time worked in counterterrorism and national security in Washington.

“Mark was looking to get involved in the hemp world,” Mr. Dolgin stated, “And I thought I could be of service in terms of navigating regulations and getting stuff done in D.C.” “I started coming to the farm more and more and starting to fall in love with what he was doing there,” he added.

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