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The Changing Tides of Cannabis Prohibition

Cannabis has been changing its own reputation over the past few years, showing its strong ability to do everything from stop seizures to reducing the size of cancerous tumors. Because of this, cannabis prohibition is in the works of being ended but it’s only a matter of time.

The government in the U.S has been extremely conflicted on how to handle cannabis since its prohibition back in the early 20th century. Since then a slew of propaganda and media has shown the dark side of the medicine, while new research is showing the exact opposite. With news like John Boehner, ex-House Speaker, joining the board of a cannabis company, among other news, it seems as though we are continuing to move forward in the process of legalizing the substance.

On April 20th, Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, stated that he will be introducing a new piece of legislation that would effectively decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. The issue that remains is that cannabis has been considered a Schedule I narcotic as far as the federal government is concerned. This scheduling means that from the federal level, cannabis has no medicinal potential and a high rate of addiction. Both of these claims have continuously been refuted by scientific research, showing the exact opposite.

In recent news, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, stated that cannabis should begin to be legalized in the near future. This news also comes at the same time that Republican senator Cory Gardner spent time stopping Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to continue the ineffective war on drugs. Gardner did this by halting nominations for the Justice Department, prompting a meeting with Trump where the President then agreed to continue the governments non-interference with state-level policy.

The real change that many are looking for in the industry could be a few years away, but it does look as though things are currently in the works for some change to happen. If in three years, a new president is elected from the Democrat party and in addition, the Congress is majority democratic as well, things would look good for the future of cannabis. Until this point, cannabis legislation has largely been blocked by Republicans in the government and not the other side. It is appearing however that this Republican opposition is lightening as individuals like Gardner are beginning to change the way that people think.

States have chosen not to wait, however, putting in their own forms of legislation that they deem fair. This has led to the legalization of cannabis in nine states and the District of Columbia for recreational use. As far as the medicinal use of the plant, around twenty states have legalized its use. The legalization around the country has left only twenty-one states with cannabis still illegal. All of these states are led entirely by Republicans, showing the state of the industry.

Democrats have been working to please the popular opinion of cannabis. One survey has shown that since the year 2000, the support of cannabis from the public has gone from 30% to well over 60%. This is something that many politicians have yet to take into consideration, as it shows that the populous is very much in favor of legalizing cannabis.

The future of cannabis will hopefully be filled with a national legalization of the substance. As other places such as Canada work toward national legalization of recreational cannabis, it still appears as the U.S. has to catch up. The hopes are high that the next several years will continue to be extremely positive for the world of cannabis.

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