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$SRNA Files New Patents

Surna Files Patents Boosting Technology Features of Its New Reflector; Company to Launch Revolutionary New Reflector in Q1-15

BOULDER, CO–(Marketwired – Oct 22, 2014) – Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA), a company that develops, acquires, produces and sells disruptive technology with a focus on the legal marijuana industry, today announced it has filed multiple patent applications for additional features in its indoor reflector, under development, that was previously announced May 8. The reflector is expected to undergo testing through the end of the year with full release to the public in the first quarter of 2015.

Designed by Surna’s six-person in-house engineering team, the patent applications cover a new, highly energy efficient, optical reflector. The reflector uses a unique water-chilled system to greatly decrease cooling needs for a grow facility while adding features that provide a significant increase to the amount of light that hits the canopy. Although yet to be validated by third party testing, Surna’s engineering team expects that the water-cooled reflector will allow indoor grow houses to reduce energy consumption from cooling by up to 50 percent, and overall energy consumption by up to 25 percent, when combined with Surna’s proprietary water-cooled climate control system.

“With some grow facilities literally spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on electricity, the energy savings alone make this technology a no-brainer,” said Surna CEO, Tom Bollich.

The reflector provides cooling directly to the bulb while also producing a more targeted beam of light over the plant canopy that decreases light waste. In indoor gardens, where plants are typically grown in rows, current reflectors waste light because they are unable to directly target the light to the plants. Surna’s patent pending reflector is designed to nearly eliminate waste by directing light rays onto the plants, increasing performance of light on target by up to 80 percent.

Traditional light bulbs used in indoor agriculture release a high degree of heat. By providing cooling directly within the hood, the heat imprint for this reflector is greatly reduced. Accordingly, this reflector will not only increase the amount of light that hits the plant canopy, it will reduce the amount of energy it takes to do so as compared to traditional reflectors. Also, unlike other reflectors, the Surna reflector works with multiple types of high intensity discharge (HID) lights (either high pressure sodium or ceramic metal halide, both of which are common to commercial indoor gardens).

With a higher percentage of light leaving the bulb actually hitting the plant canopy, higher yields can be realized using the same wattage or, conversely, lower wattage bulbs can be used to achieve the same results as the prior technology.

“This reflector is revolutionary for indoor agriculture,” Mr. Bollich said. “Looking at how much energy this will save for these large commercial grows, between the cooling and the targeting of the light rays directly to the plant, Surna is making engineering leaps we aren’t seeing other companies make in this industry. In an industry growing exponentially, we are leading the way in engineering new, game-changing technology that stands to revolutionize the way plants, cannabis or otherwise, are grown indoors.”

About Surna Inc.
Led by Tom Bollich, the visionary technologist who co-founded famed gaming company Zynga which ultimately rose to a $10 billion market valuation, Surna’s mission is to acquire intellectual property and scalable operating companies in the nascent, legal marijuana industry with a focus on disruptive technology, equipment and related support services (

The Company represents a pure play on explosive growth in the cannabis industry, while being agnostic as to the escalating proliferation of regulated, commodity cannabis growers and sellers, winners or losers; the Company’s business model excludes the production or sale of marijuana.

Safe Harbor Statement
This news release contains statements that involve expectations, plans or intentions (such as those relating to future business or financial results, new features or services, or management strategies) and other factors discussed from time to time in the Company’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings. These statements are forward-looking and are subject to risks and uncertainties, so actual results may vary materially. You can identify these forward-looking statements by words such as “may,” “should,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan” and other similar expressions. Our actual results, such as the Company’s ability to ramp up sales, achieve projected profit margins, develop new and enhanced products, complete, consolidate and commercialize its acquisition of IP, assets and operating companies, could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of certain factors not within the control of the company such as a result of various factors, including future economic, competitive, regulatory, and market conditions. The company cautions readers not to place undue reliance on any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. The company disclaims any obligation subsequently to revise any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statements or to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events.

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