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Republican Presidential Candidates are Rated Prior to Debate in Colorado


At a Republican presidential debate which took place in Colorado, there is one issue that is always a shoo-in to come up: pot. Colorado’s experiment with cannabis becoming legal remains a hot discussion as the next election approaches, and for many Republicans, the topic requires a balancing act between wanting to protect individual and state rights without seeming to approve people getting high.
In that light, the Marijuana Policy Project, an advocacy group for the legal marijuana industry, has wiped off its scorecard of where the candidates stand on the topic.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is expected to get the most support from the legalization crowd, as he gets an A-minus grade from the group because of his calls to decriminalize the use of recreational marijuana and his want for states to select their own marijuana rule and regulations.
A marijuana moment may also be an opportunity for former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas to stand out. He recently got an upgrade from the marijuana supporters for bringing up the issue that the federal government should not get in the way of state marijuana policies.

Donald J. Trump got mixed reviews from those who back the movement of marijuana legalization, as he was in favor of it in the 1990s but has since taken a more conservative outlook. Carly Fiorina gets a C-plus for taking the side of marijuana decriminalization and the rights of voters to make their decisions about marijuana policy, even though she is against it for recreational or medicinal purposes.
gets a D rating because he has promised to add more force to the war on drugs and to have the federal government crack down on states that legalize marijuana. Yet, he is in favor of prescribing it for medical purposes in some cases.

Finally, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey gets the lowest grade from supporters because he has vowed to crack down on marijuana, even in states that have marijuana program. For Mr. Christie, the F is most likely a badge of honor.
“If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it,” he stated this year.

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