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“Mother of Bud Light” Could Soon Be “Mother of Bud”

The marketing genius behind the monumental success of Bud Light, is getting ready to try her hand in the marijuana game. Mara “Mitch” Meyers was brought in by Anheuser-Busch in the 1980’s to lead the launch of Bud Light. Meyer’s isn’t selling beer to college kids anymore, but instead has hopes of selling weed to dispensaries in Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has yet to give her company, Nature’s Care, the green light. But if they do, Meyers company will be ready to hit the ground running. If all goes according to plan, Nature’s Care would be the sole pot cultivator in the southwest part of the state. Meyers team is on standby and ready to start pouring the foundation for the 14-acre cultivation facility in Clair County as soon as they are grated permission. “We would get started immediately,” Meyers said. The conditions of the pilot program mandate that licensees have a cannabis crop in the ground within the first 6 months.

“We will have that greenhouse up and operating in four to five months and growing plants,” she added. “And while that is occurring, we will be building the processing building that will be attached to it. I would say within seven months we could be shipping our first product to the dispensary.”

The “mother of Bud Light” never had any interest in the marijuana industry, but a recent trip to Colorado changed her mind. . “When I saw what’s going on out there, and I saw the medical happening, and I actually know people that have used it successfully in various ailments and treatments, it’s like, ‘OK, there’s something real about this,’” she said.

Applying to be part of Illinois pilot program came at a hefty price for applications. A 25,000 non-refundable application fee, which turns into first-year fee of $200,000 for all approved cultivation licenses, followed by a $100,000 annual fee for every year thereafter. In addition, licensees must also provide proof of financial responsibility with a $2 million surety bond.

A list of permit recipients was to have been released by the end of 2014 but as of Friday January 2nd, 2015, no list was released

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