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Mormon Church Speaks Out Against Medical Cannabis Law


The Mormon church decided to attack a Utah bill that would legalize edible cannabis products as a form of medicine. This position could be a bad attack to one of the two medical cannabis proposals that lawmakers have made. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that leaders are concerned about the consequences that could come about from the measure Republican Sen. Mark Madsen of Eagle Mountain came up with. Most Utah lawmakers are part of the Salt Lake City-based religion, and the church’s announcement can easily persuade them.

The church is not opposed to another medical pot bill which would let people consume a cannabis-infused oil, according to church spokesman Eric Hawkins. Madsen said to The Salt Lake Tribune that church supporters told him and legislative leaders about their disagreement but did not say why they had it.

“Maybe they don’t want to be known as the special interest who put their thumb on the scale and decided this for everyone in the state,” Madsen said. “If they’re going to put their thumb on the scale politically and force everyone to a standard, then I think they owe something of an explanation to the people.”

Both of the medical cannabis bills have received approval and are likely going to be argued over in from of the entire Utah Senate very soon. Madsen’s proposal would give thousands access to edible products, but would not allow them to smoke recreational cannabis. Madsen says that Utah should be a part of more than twenty states that have allowed medical marijuana. However, some Republicans say that the issue is that the plan isn’t specific enough. The bill did not go through by just one vote last year. The other cannabis proposal would let just a couple thousand people with cancer, HIV and other conditions use a cannabis-infused oil.

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Wouldn’t it be great if people who don’t know anything about something would leave decisions to those who do? This country has “forgotten” that our most frequent sickness and diseases can be PREVENTED! There are hundreds-if not thousands- of compounds in cannabis that we KNOW help treat or cure diseases. Many might be PREVENTED by using cannabis. I for one, promote Preventative Health and Health Promotion. I therefore wholeheartedly promote cannabis for the PREVENTION of disease and sickness. Over the last 50+ years the government has attempted to lie, steal, cheat, and shred the Constitution in efforts to “protect us” from cannabis. All the time, it could have PREVENTED millions of deaths and treated thousands of diseases. It’s time to get moving on this, rather than try to think of roadblocks to health and cannabis freedom!

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