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Many Celebrities Come Together To Urge Biden To Consider Large Cannabis Pardons

Hip Hop Hollywood And Professional Athletes Ask Biden For Cannabis Pardons

Will Biden Exute Mass Cannabis Pardons After Altheretes and Moguls Unite

A large number of athletes, politicians celebrities, and various influential figures signed a letter that was delivered to the President. Which was done during the second week of September. The letter sent to Biden was urging him to issue a “full, complete and unconditional pardon”. Specifically to all those charged with non-violent federal marijuana convictions.

This occurred as the administration is currently encouraging roughly 1,000 people. Particularly those who were briefly placed on home confinement for federal drug crimes. To which he would have them fill out clemency application forms.

This new letter was signed by high-profile stars. For example stars such as Drake, Killer Mike. As well as Meek Mill, Deion Sanders, Kevin Garnett, Al Harrington and more. They all collectively agree on the matter. Which is that the war on drugs “has crushed many souls and countless futures, while spreading intolerable levels of mistrust and dysfunction between minority communities and those sworn to protect them.”

“The harms of incarceration are obvious, but the pains of federal marijuana convictions transcend prison walls, making it more difficult for someone to get a job, access affordable housing, and receive an education,” it continues. “A conviction can forever limit an individual’s constitutional rights and can put the American dream further out of reach for an entire family.”

POTUS On Marijuana Pardons In The USA

It also references Biden’s remarks on his presidential campaign. Where Biden expressed his support for cannabis decriminalization. In addition to committing to the expungement of past marijuana convictions.

“Enough is enough. No one should be locked up in federal prison for non-violent marijuana offenses,” the letter, which was coordinated by civil rights activist Weldon Angelos, who received a presidential pardon for his own cannabis conviction from then-President Donald Trump, says. “No one should continue to bear the scarlet letter of a federal conviction for marijuana offenses of the past.”

“Relief from the federal war on marijuana would not only be just, it would also be good policy by advancing public safety and economic prosperity. A general pardon poses a low risk to the American public by expunging records and releasing the last remaining prisoners of federal marijuana prohibition. Those who will have their sentences commuted comprise a small percentage of the federal prison population and are incarcerated only for non-violent marijuana offenses. All other beneficiaries of a categorical pardon represent an even lower risk since these people are already living peacefully among their neighbors.”

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The Push For Cannabis Pardons And Record Expungement

The letter had the signatures of hip hop moguls T.I. Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz. To where the letter said there’s precedent for the relief. Which was in reference to steps used by former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. That was used as a way to categorically exonerate Americans who dodged the draft for the Vietnam War. This letter also addresses the rapper Ralo who is currently dealing with a nonviolent cannabis sentence. Details on this part of the letter say Ralo is one of those who qualify to be pardoned.

In a press release, Ralo thanked the hip hop community “for supporting my clemency because it’s just not right that corporations are allowed to violate federal law and become millionaires while people like myself go to prison for years.”

“This is hypocrisy,” he said. “But I am hopeful that Joe Biden will honor his campaign promise and grant us clemency, without delay, so that we can return home to our families and communities.”

The letter concludes by telling Biden that “a general clemency will send a clear and powerful message that our country is truly taking a new course on criminal justice policy and practice.”

Other signatories include former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson former U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. As well as Mark Holden of Koch Industries clemency recipient Alice Johnson. In addition to state lawmakers in the Idaho Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas legislatures. Former federal prosecutors and other law enforcement professionals also signed on.

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Final Thoughts On Mass Cannabis Parodns In The United States

An alliance of advocates and administrators mailed letters with a parallel request to Biden at the start of his term.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a press briefing last month that Biden is “exploring multiple avenues to provide relief to certain nonviolent drug offenders, including through the use of his clemency power.”

The administration is “working hard every day to reform our justice system in order to strengthen families, boost our economy, give people a chance at a better future,” she said. “As part of this, the president is deeply committed to reducing incarceration, helping people successfully reenter society. And he has said too many people are incarcerated—too many are black and brown.”

Psaki continued at the time that there was nothing tangible to see beforehand at that point. However, she said that Biden is “looking at a range of avenues” for relief. Even as a senator, Biden was a fundamental part in establishing punitive drug laws that contributed to the mass incarcerations. To which Biden is now contemplating ways to resolve this issue did not emerge up during the exchange.

Biden has suffered criticism from drug policy reform advocates. Mostly the supporters who’ve grown tired of him to yet follow through on campaign commitments. For instance such as decriminalizing marijuana. So with this Biden’s stance on adult-use legalization remains a challenge on its own. Some feel he should at least make some move to establish modest reform. The president also has spoken on expunging prior cannabis records and upholding the rights of states to set their own laws.
Since being in the White House, his administration has not made headway on any campaign promises. Rather Biden has fired its own White House staffers over marijuana.

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