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Los Angeles Banning Dispensaries in Unincorporated Areas

Some therapeutic cannabis dispensaries working in Los Angeles County could soon be compelled to close down because of another law that makes it completely unlawful for property proprietors to lease space to these sorts of organizations. The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 0 on Tuesday for putting forth a law planned to convey clarity to the guts of a current boycott that makes it illicit for proprietors to go into a rental or renting concurrences with the medical cannabis industry.

In spite of the fact that it has been illegal to open a medicinal pot business in unincorporated zones for quite a while, an absence of requirement and general unawareness of the law has offered approach to numerous pot shops developing in confined neighborhoods, including Marina Del Ray and East L.A. In the meantime, some unincorporated regions of Los Angeles County have issued exceptional condition permits that allow a particular number of dispensaries to work. Tragically, the board’s most recent choice will probably compel these organizations to move or close.

An unincorporated territory is characterized as a geographic area that works without its metropolitan administrations. These locales are represented more like a small community, where a town chamber works with the forces of the province to choose neighborhood policies.

For a while, Supervisors Michael Antonovich and Hilda Solis have been taking a shot at a measure that strengthens the prohibition on dispensaries in unincorporated regions, venturing to propose the making of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Enforcement Team contained authorities from inside of the Department of Regional Planning, the Sheriff’s Department, and the Offices of the County Counsel, District Attorney, and Treasurer-Tax Collector.

“A streamlined Medical Marijuana Dispensary Enforcement Team will speed up our effort to shut down and prosecute illegal marijuana dispensaries,” Antonovich said. “These illegal operations have routinely attracted a criminal element that threatens community safety and disrupt neighborhoods.”

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