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It’s A Done Deal! VNNYF to Acquire Cannabis Biopharma Tech Company! What Does This Mean?

It’s a Done Deal! Just as we had suspected, Vinergy Resources (VNNYF) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of MJ Biopharma, a cannabis technology company. We have been speculating for over a week that the halt of trading on the Canadian exchange for symbol VIN.CN was to allow for this completed acquisition, and we were right. The stock has gained as much as 36% since we re-initiated coverage on VNNYF last week in anticipation of this deal closing. But now the real fun begins…

This is a major milestone for VNNYF and its shareholders that gives a true fundamental boost to the company. The investment community has been waiting for closure on this item for some time now dating back months ago when the company first mentioned its plans for the acquisition. Back then Vinergy’s stock skyrocketed on the possibility of the deal closing but soon pulled back as investors perhaps grew tired of waiting for a definitive deal, or maybe they doubted the whole deal altogether.

Well, now today’s news from VNNYF of a signed definitive agreement will put all that uncertainty and impatience to rest while sparking a new level of interest and excitement.

Incentivized Compensation Plan

Perhaps the most exciting piece of this acquisition is the means in which Vinergy is acquiring MJ Biopharma. 4.25M shares of common stock priced at $0.20CAD are to be issued upfront, 2/3 of which will be held in escrow. But MJ Biopharma management and shareholders have the opportunity to earn an additional 5M shares is they bring each of their 4 product segments to commercialization. This is a genius move by VNNYF management that could drastically increase shareholder value down the road.

What is VNNYF Acquiring?

MJ Biopharma is a cannabis technology company with a team of experienced business and medical professionals, biochemists and researchers. The company is currently focused on the following areas of interest:

  • manufacturing breath strips;
  • time release capsules;
  • extract oils;
  • food products and infused juices, teas, coffee and extract drinks;
  • pharmaceutical grade delivery systems;


MJ Biopharma’s expertise lies in its extracts and custom formulations. The company will also aim to inlicense and joint venture on best in class technologies and products for both the medicinal and recreational markets – domestically and internationally.


The Big Picture is Starting to Come Together

The company said their novel approach for its breath strip technology may become the basis for new products where water or saliva is the catalyst to activate the carrier for delivery and absorption of CBD into the body. Management believes this breakthrough could form the basis of a new technology and has the potential to create an entirely new product category. The technology is called BURST, named for the speed at which it enhances the body’s absorption of various ingredients.

And let’s not forget that VNNYF signed a binding letter of intent to acquire 65% of Biolennia Laboratories. Biolennia Labs is a specialty development laboratory with expertise in microbiology and chemistry. The lab operates out of a secure facility in Toronto alongside Micrylium, which manufactures products registered under license from several agencies. It currently provides testing, R&D, and quality control for Health Canada registered and approved industrial disinfectants and other consumer products on behalf of Micrylium.

Vinergy also reported the development of a disruptive solvent-based extraction system. The project is already underway and the company will be providing updates and more information soon. Positive results from this project could be another strong catalyst for VNNYF. And with the acquisition of MJ Biopharma finally completed, all the pieces appear to be falling perfectly into place.

What was once speculation and hype that ignited nearly a 200% move in Vinergy’s stock months ago when this acquisition was just a “possibility” has just officially become reality. The structure of this deal and the current market conditions could present great opportunity for VNNYF shareholders. So far we have seen VNNYF gain as much as 36% since we re-initiated coverage on the company but with this acquisition finally in the books, this could be just the beginning.

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