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Is Law Enforcement Truly Bothered by Marijuana


The newest federal data suggests that law enforcements at the local and state level consider pot to be the least dangerous of illegal drugs, reports of police performing stunts to arrest people for marijuana are just as common today as they were years ago. Even then, still evident through the fact that marijuana is illegal on the federal level, the DEA is very much against marijuana.

Most police departments across the United States report that pot is the least of their concerns and only 6 percent said that marijuana is their greatest threat, according to the 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary. To some, it might seem as if the negative view that people have on marijuana is ridiculous, but the newest reports say that this is the lowest threat ranking that marijuana has had in the last decade.

Since heroin is no longer popular in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, as well as doctors pushing to prescribe more addictive painkillers, pot is no longer a major part of the grand plan of the drug war. The report makes it clear that law enforcement’s are now even more convinced than ever that drugs such as heroin and meth are a much more dangerous to society than other drugs such as marijuana, prescription narcotics and cocaine.

When it comes to crime surges being inspired by illegal drugs, most law enforcements showed that marijuana was not inspiring any surge in violent crimes. Of course, this goes against what most marijuana prohibition advocates said, stating that marijuana was causing violent behaviors. For instance, take New York City Police Chief William Bratton, who said that marijuana has caused an increase in murders this year. However, reports show that this and claims such as this are obviously not true.

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