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Idiots Guide to Marijuana VS Alcohol…

The other day someone sent me a link to a website related to deaths from Marijuana VS Deaths from Alcohol. I will give it to you later because I want to keep you reading what will surely be a long winded diatribe about the evils of booze & the vilification of the Marijuana plant. First, let me be clear this is not an endorsement to go out and smoke marijuana, nor drink a 6 pack of beer. I am simply stating the obvious; Alcohol is statistically thousands of times (per year) deadlier. Don’t believe me? Here are some stats 2013 in the good old U.S of A:

  • Number of alcoholic liver disease deaths: 16,749
  • Number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 26,654

Here’s a shocker for you Marijuana had ZERO, so if I carry the 2 Alcohol is actually 43,403 times deadlier than Marijuana. As of 4pm today 3,350 people have died from Alcohol in one form or another, which is mind blowing! Everyone knows that these stats exist and no one really talks about them, instead we just shrug and say something trite as a response. Well, how about I give you some things to say that will make them look like a booze begotten drunk and you as someone grounded in logic.

Marijuana leads to harder drugs…

We have all heard this statement that Marijuana is a gateway drug, but couldn’t you say the same thing about caffeine, sugar or pretty much anything that causes a reaction in the body? Why is marijuana vilified when alcohol is revered? According to one study I would have to smoke a 1000 joints to put me at risk of dying, but if I polished off a 750ml bottle of bourbon in one sitting there’s a good chance i’m gonna be choking on my own vomit from alcohol poisoning and potentially die. Plus, you know how much money a 1000 joints of good weed cost vs a bottle of bourbon; it’s something like $20,000 vs $40. If I smoke one joint, I’m not looking for joint 2, i’m looking for the # to Papa Johns, but I digress.

You can make the argument that everything “could” lead to something as stated above. Now I occasionally smoke marijuana if i’m in a state where it’s legal (wink), but after I take a pull from a bong I’m not like “get me some crack!” In fact, most people don’t mix their consumption of marijuana with other drugs unless they do the other, harder drugs first and need to be mellowed out potentially. If I get too baked I’m not like “get me a beer,”I’m like “get me my snuggy.” On the flip side if I was too drunk, I wouldn’t say “get me a joint” because I know I will get the spins and throw up. I’d be more inclined to get a line of cocaine if that was my thing because I’ve heard it sobers you up, then again that could just be something people say to get a free line of cocaine. So in short I think the “gateway drug” line is bullsh*t.

Marijuana Leads to violence…

How many times have you seen someone smoking a joint at a party then decide he/she wants to fight the first person that bumps into them? I’m guessing never. Now, how many times have you seen a fight break out at a bar or club by some meat head that was just hammered? I’m guessing a lot. Marijuana when done recreationally stimulates euphoria, it makes people docile. Alcohol makes people aggressive self loathing D-bags that think they can fight anyone as long as they take off their shirts. It’s called beer muscles, not weed muscles for a reason. Alcohol leads to violence much much more than someone who is smoking a joint. I’m not saying it can happen or that it doesn’t, it’s just statistically more unlikely on the level of getting eaten by a shark while at the aquarium.

Marijuana has no medicinal benefits…

If someone ever says this to you chug a beer then punch them in the stomach, so you can prove my point that alcohol leads to violence. I could write twenty pages as to why that is categorically false, but who has the time. If I had a child that was having seizures I wouldn’t give them a shot of Jack Daniels, I would give them some CBD or a strain of cannabis designed to help. In fact, if you are experiencing seizures smoking weed helps. When I was in college I dated a girl that was epileptic and she had it under control as long as she didn’t drink alcohol.

I am not advocating the use of any drug, nor the use of alcohol, I am just trying to point out stuff all of you good people already know. In the end the only thing that combats the use of drugs or alcohol is knowledge. Parents need to come around and take more of an educational approach when teaching their kids about anything that could impact their lives instead of using slogans from a by-gone era. “Just say no” only works in a vacuum and in the end people will do as they want. Oh and by the way 200 more people died from alcohol since paragraph two; zero have died from Marijuana…Ever.

By J. Phillip

Coming from Miami FL, Jonathan Phillip or (J. Phillip) is a social media marketer and currently head of PR and social media management for When working with clients in various sectors Jonathan will use his expertise and knowledge to make sure the correct audience is viewing and engaging with your content product or service. Jonathan is a self-taught marketer and entrepreneur learning from the best and sharpening his skills with each project.

3 replies on “Idiots Guide to Marijuana VS Alcohol…”

Everything you said is totally true! I heard someone one say the other day, I think it was Tommy Chong? The only time anyone could die from marijuana is if 100’s of pounds fell on someone’s head. Haha! But in all seriousness, it’s just ridiculous the regulations there are on pot and the complete disregard for the seriousness of alcohol and alcohol abuse.

The facts are right there in front of our faces! The government is just too stubborn because of Marijuana’s “drug” association. Let’s open our eyes people!

Until the government is profiting from every ounce of marijuana sold in this country, there will be some sort of propaganda trying to keep people away from it.

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