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Democratic Party’s Support of Marijuana

It is no secret that if you are looking to legalize marijuana, the Democratic Party is the larger supporter between the two larger parties. For instance, the Iowa Democratic Party recently added a plank to its platform that stated that it would like to legalize all drugs. This was a surprise to many. Iowa’s Democratic platform has also indicated that it supports “rescheduling/expanding access to medical marijuana” as well as “legalizing cannabis/hemp.” In addition, on broader drug policy, the platform asks for “reducing/commuting sentences, pardoning non-violent drug offenders” and is against “drug testing SNAP applicants.” As the Iowa Democrats’ encouragement to legalize all drugs seems to be one of the only platforms that would ever do this, its support of legalizing cannabis is not very rare. There are more and more platforms that are calling for the legalization of marijuana.

The amount of state Democratic Party organizations asking to reform cannabis laws introduce concerns about when the national party is finally going to join them and support ending prohibition. Polls have indicated that most Democratic voters actually wish to end cannabis prohibition. In addition, an increasing amount of the party’s elected officials in Congress and state legislatures are working very hard to put forth cannabis reform bills. At the moment, the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Drafting Committee is undergoing various regional forums around the United States in order to hear advice from proponents as to what planks the platforms should add this year.

The committee, which is composed of about fifteen members, was appointed by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. This may come off as a surprise, but Schultz actually does not support legalization. Clinton has asked for light marijuana reform. Part of this includes moving cannabis to a Schedule II drug which would allow proper research to be done on the drug and no longer make it illegal under the federal government. She states that she is not sure whether or not legalization is good, however, would like more research to be conducted in order to determine whether or not prohibition should actually end.

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