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With 23 states and DC in the U.S. having legalized Marijuana for medical use, Washington and Colorado voted legal for responsible adult use, and more states with Marijuana legislation on the books, it’s time to not only recognize the changes but also investigate resulting investment opportunities. In fact, you can already trade stocks in public companies, operating or developing specifically in the legal Medical Marijuana industry.

Learn as much as you can. Then decide whether a position in publicly traded Marijuana related stocks is right for you.

There was a Bill introduced (H.R.2943) at the federal level. Even if you have no interest in using Medical Marijuana, this might be your best chance to recognize an investment opportunity early. But beware!

All investments carry risk. YOU are responsible for your decisions. In some cases these are highly speculative penny and sub-penny stocks in development level companies and may have no revenue at all — ever. Do your OWN due diligence before you do any investing or trading and decide whether you’re comfortable with the risks involved. Shareholders and prospective investors should recognize that any investment is risky and speculative, and could result in a complete loss. We are not making recommendations of the companies listed here. We are simply listing those operating in or entering this sector.

While compassionate care and not-for-profit caregiving play a significant, important and refreshing role in this area, there are already commercial distribution and infrastructure opportunities presenting themselves. i.e. Many people could also grow their own tomatoes but choose to buy them in a grocery store. Millions could do their own taxes, but choose to hire an accounting service, etc. In the future we may also identify public companies in the areas of nutrients, vaporizers, personal and commercial indoor growing systems, and more.

These emerging commercial areas, issues that are driving them, and specifically those companies which are publicly traded, are our focus at Marijuana Stocks. We do not do buy or sell recommendations or offer investment advice. Moreover, we strongly caution against falling prey to the hype surrounding penny stocks. This is the Wild Wild West of investing. Do not play this market with money you cannot afford to lose. So while we warn you to beware out there, we also believe there will be companies who will do very well in this area in coming years. We don’t pretend to know who they will be.