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CBIS Lab Agreement Sets the Stage 9/29/2014

CBIS is excited, but should we be?

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCQB: CBIS) entered into a laboratory services agreement with ImmunoClin Corporation (IMCL) through its subsidiary, ImmunoClin Ltd., a healthcare company that has over thirteen years of experience in providing premiere laboratory and related pre-clinical and clinical research services on a commercial scale.

CBIS expects that ImmunoClin will commence cannabinoid-based drug formulation at their laboratories within the next month. Cannabis Sciences is particulary excited about starting the advanced development phase of their proprietary neurological drug, also referred to as “CS-Neuro-1”. This contract complements the CBIS’s agricultural and research programs in Spain, Italy and other European countries.

“With ImmunoClin’s track record in assisting biotech, pharma and food companies as well as public institutions in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical development projects, we are excited to initiate this long-term relationship between ImmunoClin and CBIS in the cannabinoid research field. We further benefit from the fact that ImmunoClin’s founder, Dr. Dorothy Bray, is a clinical development expert and serves at present as the Director, President and CEO of both Companies, thereby assuring smooth and effective collaboration,” stated Mr. Mario S. Lap, Director and President of European Operations, Cannabis Science, Inc.

“With the contract in place, we intend to move quickly and efficiently to assist Cannabis Science in developing proprietary formulations to bring its cannabinoid based products to patients in need,” said Khadija Benlhassan, Ph.D., Director and Chief Scientific Officer, ImmunoClin Corporation.

While this is exciting news for the company, it is only news. We are looking forward to hearing more about the developments of this project before getting constructive on the stock.

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