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Cannabis Technology is Growing the Market Faster Than Ever

The cannabis industry has been growing at an extremely fast pace for some time now, but new technology in the marketplace has helped to make the industry work better than ever before. Many investors have stated that the key to growth in the space is continuing to be new technology, and that this new infrastructure potentially has the value behind it to lead to an IPO.

One company that has worked behind this principle has been Segra International Corp. The company has been working on culturing various types of tissue. This technology has existed in the industrial agriculture market for some time now, but never before has it been brought to the marijuana industry. The company states that they are “ an agricultural life sciences company that specializes in industrial-scale cannabis plant micropropagation known commonly in the industry as “plant tissue culture.” Segra has been working to develop these laboratories to produce a very consistent cannabis plant that yields large amounts of the substance in a repeatable way.

For those who don’t know, tissue culture is similar to cloning techniques, except it is more suitable for larger scale operations as opposed to the small level. These large-scale operations are quickly becoming the norm throughout the cannabis industry and thus the need for repeatable ways to produce large quantities of cannabis. A report on the benefits of tissue culture has shown that “Plants that are started with tissue culture rather than cuttings produce higher yields. With tissue culture, plants start out as clean, absent of pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Because the plants do not need to expend energy fighting germs, that energy is devoted to growth. The tissue culture process is highly controllable.” Due to its controllability, this could potentially become one of the newest ways to ensure that a large enough yield is being made within individual companies.

One scientist states that if they were to grow blueberries with the same growing technique, it would yield four times as much fruit as if they used cutting or cloning techniques. Many companies within the cannabis industry have been working to produce these high yields. With new laws going into place allowing for the growth of weed markets around the world, producers have been working day and night to try and match the demand with high amounts of production, but that is to say it has not in any way been easy.

The issue with tissue culture is that it can be a difficult and tedious project, and one needs a specialist in the field in order to get it right. It can also potentially be difficult to scale at large amounts, but the potential is extremely large with this type of growing method. Lets say that a company growing 10,000 plants began using tissue culture. This could exponentially increase their yield, ultimately allowing them to grow massive amounts of cannabis in the same time and space that would normally not yield nearly as much. Some companies obviously do not need this massive amount of growing potential, but as the market grows in popularity, it seems that this could become a trend in the near future.

The marijuana industry is still very much in its infant stages, but advancements like this are continuing to push the industry into the future. As we move toward the next few years, the advancement of science and products for the marijuana market will likely be one of the driving factors of growth in the space. Only time will tell how well these new products help to build the industry on cannabis even further.

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