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Beijing Claims US Marijuana’s Legalization is a ‘Threat to CHINA’

The trade war between the United States and China has been an ever-escalating situation. Beijing claims the United States is the reason drugs are being smuggled into China. The deputy director at the China National Narcotics Control Commission, Liu Yuejin, held a press conference in Beijing. It was revealed that the number of marijuana users in the country had increased in 2018. The deputy stated that as of 2018, the number of marijuana users stood at 24,000.

Rising Marijuana Users

Liu Yuejin stated that parcels with marijuana were being sent to China from the United States and Canada. Also, Liu gave the price of each parcel that is being sent. He said that the authorities in China had managed to intercept 155 packages in 2018. Those packages contained 55 kilos of marijuana. Liu stated that foreign students in China are responsible for most of these parcels. Among the 155 intercepted deliveries, no info on if they came from the U.S. or Canada has been determined.

Is Marijuana A Risk For China

Laws in China are tough. These laws apply to foreign nationals in the country as well. A person who is caught with even 50 grams of a contraband substance could face the death penalty in China.  Chinese law enforcement has been quite active in its efforts to stamp out drug use in the country and patrons at nightclubs and bars are regularly asked to go through random drug tests.

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