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Are These Two Marijuana Stocks Sitting on Future Potential?

2 Pot Stocks to Watch

Can These Two Pot Stocks to Watch Capitalize on the Future of the Cannabis Industry?

The future of the cannabis industry is uncertain yet at the same time reaching new heights. With that uncertainty, however, comes several predictions that could come to fruition if all things go according to plan for marijuana stocks. Analysts have projected that within the next decade, the cannabis industry could grow to over $60-80 billion in value worldwide. This does not seem to be too far off from where we are currently considering the CAGR of the cannabis industry. But, in order for pot stocks to capitalize on this growth, they need to continue pushing for the future.

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This means showing better numbers on balance sheets in addition to showing what they have in store for the next few years. Because the cannabis industry is shifting so quickly, cannabis stocks need to shift too. This comes in the form of a commitment to innovation and creating new and better products for the future. While some pot stocks have shown a clear path to success, others may be hiding their value in the numbers. As marijuana stock investors, it is our job to figure out where those pot stocks to watch are hiding. With that in mind, here are two marijuana stocks that could be sitting on future potential.

Marijuana Stock Watch List

MediPharm Labs Corp. (MEDIF Stock Report)
MedMen Enterprises Inc. (MMNFF Stock Report)


A Marijuana Stock to Watch With Future Potential

MediPharm Labs Corp. (MEDIF Stock Report) is another one of the leading marijuana stocks to watch based out of North America. The company states that it is in the production of pharmaceutical quality cannabis oil. With derivatives shooting up in popularity, it looks like MEDIF stock could have a large place in the cannabis industry in the near future. One of the things that make MediPharm Labs a unique play is the company’s underlying business model.

MediPharm has stated that it is committed to producing some of the highest quality oils and tinctures in the market. For this reason, the company has received a large amount of notoriety in the past few years. With Canada legalizing derivatives back in October of 2019, it seems like there is a lot of untapped potential for this cannabis company to capitalize upon. Recently the company has released their Q3 2020 earnings which showed a net loss of $15.4 million before taxes in comparison to a net loss of 3.8 million in Q2 of 2020. However on a good note MediPharm International revenue grew to $700,000 all while sales start to ramp up. Also, the company at the end of October launched LABS Cannabis CBD Isolate. This product is the first in its LABS Cannabis branded product line and the first product of its kind in Canada.

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“Produced at commercial scale, LABS Cannabis CBD Isolate has only trace amounts of THC – less than 0.2% – which makes it an excellent choice for a broad range of wellness consumers and patients seeking the potential benefits of CBD without the intoxicating effects of THC,” said Pat McCutcheon, CEO, MediPharm Labs. “For consumers who wish to consume CBD as part of their daily regimen or for specialized pediatric care in situations where CBD has been prescribed by a physician for a specific indication, LABS Cannabis CBD Isolate is the right choice.”

With this in mind, MediPharm Labs remains one of the leading marijuana stocks to watch.

A Marijuana Stock to Watch With Future Potential

MedMen Enterprises Inc. (MMNFF Stock Report) runs as a cannabis business with operations across the united states. As some may know MedMen Enterprises Inc. is one of the more popular MSO’s in the market. The company has 25 cannabis stores located in 5 states. MedMen operates as a retailer of cannabis. And if you have been to California specifically you may have seen their big red and white logo in your travels. Currently, MedMen has operations in Florida, New York, California, Illinois, and Nevada.

Last month on October 15th the company posted their Q4 earnings and the numbers were looking good. As the company reported they are up substantially. With a revenue of $157.1 million for the whole 2020year, and up 31% year-over-year. As well company-wide gross margins were 40% in Q4 in comparison to 32% in Q3 of 2020. So with this report, the company has projected its first fiscal quarter of 2021. MedMed estimates a revenue of $37.4 million in 2021. This would be a 37% increase compared to revenue made in Q4 of the fiscal 2020 year.

More Cannabis Info On MedMen Enterprises Inc.

This is what MedMen’s Interim Chief Executive Officer Tom Lynch had to say. “We made significant progress during the fourth quarter by focusing on retail profitability, optimizing our corporate infrastructure, and strengthening our balance sheet ahead of an exciting new chapter for the Company,” said MedMen Interim Chief Executive Officer Tom Lynch. “Through the strength of our management team and Board of Directors, as well as the continued support of our capital partners, we are well-positioned to execute on our goal of being the leading cannabis retailer.”

From the company’s Q4 earnings report more momentum has found its way up under MMNFF stock. From October 27th to November 18th MMNFF stock up 35% in the market. As MedMed continues to grow alongside the cannabis industry things look good for the future of this marijuana stock.


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