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Are These Top Cannabis Stocks Going To Keep Climbing In The Market?

Will These Pot Stocks Keep Rising In The Market This Month?

Will These Marijuana Stocks Be Big Winners This Month

During February 3rds trading many marijuana stocks picked up some nice momentum. For any trader who picked up shares off the recent dip, then yesterday’s trading may have made you a nice return on your investment. Currently, the cannabis industry and marijuana stocks are one of the fastest-growing markets. Collectively working hand and hand. For instance, most times when a publicly-traded cannabis company can keep up consistent revenue growth it resonates well for the company’s stock.

Given that marijuana stocks are a volatile market investing in cannabis stocks can be a little tricky. For instance are you someone who rather use volatility to their advantage and invest in some pure-play cannabis stocks or MSO marijuana stocks? These 2 niches tend to hold the most volatility in the space. On the other end, we have the less volatile side of the cannabis sector.

These include more ESP stocks and ancillary marijuana stocks. One of the reasons for less volatility is because they’re not as exposed to the ups and downs of the cannabis industry. And oftentimes they have a business outside of the cannabis industry. So with this, it’s best to evaluate where you stand on investing in marijuana stocks.

Maybe it’s better to build a list of cannabis stocks to watch that way you can take the time to research each company. This will help to make the best choice when looking for the best marijuana stocks to buy in 2021. The 2 cannabis companies below each are each working within their niche to improve business operations and possibly become top gainers in the market this year.

Pot Stock To Watch Right Now

  1. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB)
  2. OrganiGram Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:OGI)

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a cannabis company that has positioned its self as one of the frontrunners for cannabis products that are sold worldwide. This global cannabis leader is headquartered out of Edmonton Canada and is a vertically integrated cannabis company. Aurora has a diverse portfolio of cannabis services. The company is involved with cultivating various cannabis strains which are used for further strain research. In addition to growing and producing cannabis, the company also deals with facility engineering and design.

Not to mention the company also helps the ancillary side of the market with various vaporizer products and accessories. At one point in time, Aurora Cannabis was looked at as a top Canadian marijuana stock to watch. Throughout the last 5 weeks of trading ACB stock has been able to pick more momentum. Yet ACB stock has dropped from previous highs and has certainly had better trading days the company still has much in the works.

For most of December, ACB stock saw a small spike in trading with a slight downward trend for most of the month. When the new year came January was a better looking month for the company. In the first 2 weeks of trading in 2021 ACB stock had a subtle 4 percent increase in the market. From the 11th of January to the 15th ACB stock reached its highest point during that time with a share price of $13.32.

Is Aurora Cannabis Inc. Still a Marijuana Stock To Watch In 201?

This move produced gains of 15 percent and for the entire month of January, ACB stock had a small upward push that made investors a 17 percent return on their money. As of February ACB stock has found more momentum and has made 22 percent gains in the first 3 days of the new month. Currently, investors may feel indifferent about this marijuana stock as some business matters need to be sorted. The company still has a large amount of debt as these recent gains are a small light toward the path of recovering from previous losses.

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OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

OrganiGram Holdings Inc. has been an intriguing cannabis stock watch. For one just like Aurora Cannabis, some investors need to see more progress from the company. Any business that performs well can have a positive effect on the publicly traded side of the companies business. Some analysts feel that because OrganiGram has reported a loss in net revenue that things to need change.

The company went from net revenue of $19.3 million in Q1 2021 in comparison to $25.2 million in Q1 of 2021. Yet over the last month, the company has been able to pick up in trading regardless of reporting a loss. During the first week of trading in 2021 OGI stock saw gains of 16 percent. Pushing forward from the 11th to the 12th OGI had a small dip in trading.

From the 12th to the 19th OGI stock had an uptick in trading. This upward push made for a 15 percent rise in the market. Although there is much-needed work to be done from an operational standpoint the company is improving in the market. This improvement may help gain more investor’s trust.

For the entire month of January, the company saw a nice push in the market. This push in January made for a total monthly gain of 25 percent. So far for February OGI stock has been able to maintain its climb and has produced over 25 percent gains. Just like anything you invest in you will need to do your research and use your best judgment. This will come in handy when looking for the best marijuana stocks to buy.

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