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Are These The Best Marijuana Stocks For Your Portfolio?

Are These Top Marijuana Stocks On Your Watchlist?

Top Cannabis Stocks To Watch This Week


It’s no wonder why so many people tend to focus on the top marijuana stocks. I mean with solid momentum and consistent movent who wouldn’t. With November having a good uptick for most cannabis stocks December may follow in a similar fashion. Companies like Planet 13 holding Inc. (PLNHF Stock Report) And Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR Stock Report) have shown strong 3rd quarter results. Cannabis stocks like these have had a positive effect on the market and pot stocks overall.

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However, though some of the top marijuana stocks have more volatility in the industry. What this means is the investment that is made seems to have better returns in the short term. That’s the thing about volatile stocks one moment they are down and the next they are up. Yet if you’re looking for something less volatile you may want to consider investing in something a bit more long-term. For example, a less volatile play may be an MSO or ESP marijuana stock. However, this all depends on one’s investment strategy and trading style. But with most people who invest in cannabis stock, they like to go after the big fish in the market. Below we will go over 2 of the top marijuana stocks in the industry heading into 2021.

Marijuana Stock Watch List

Aphria Inc. (APHA Stock Report)
Aura Cannabis Inc. (ACB Stock Report)

Top Marijuana Stock To Watch: Aphria Inc. (APHA)

Within the cannabis industry, Aphria Inc. is showing the market it has the value investors want. The company runs its operation by growing pharmaceutical-grade marijuana. Though a multi sate operator through global cannabis distribution the company is a bit volatile. As mentioned before, some marijuana stocks are more of long term play versus short term. And with how volatile APHA stock may be more suitable for someone who swings trades.

In addition to that is up over the last month APHA has caught some waves of momentum. If you go back from September 24th to November 23rd APHA has jumped from $4.27 to $6.36. This makes a total increase of 48% and with December coming up hopefully trading like this will be consistent. In recent news, Aphria Inc. filed a shelf registration statement. Here’s a brief break of the statement

“This Shelf Prospectus, among other things, increases the amount available under the Company’s original base shelf prospectus by USD $50 million. Which will be used to qualify and register the resale of the common shares of the Company issued as partial consideration pursuant to the terms of the previously disclosed agreement to acquire SW Brewing Company, LLC (“SweetWater”).”

Top Marijuana Stock To Watch: Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB)

Aurora Cannabis Inc. at one time was known as the king of all marijuana stocks. Coming off recent lows some investors still feel the company is the google of cannabis stocks. From October 28th to November 9th the company saw a big increase in trading by 188%. Though currently trading a bit lower from recent highs hopes of more momentum remain strong for ACB stock.

However, Aurora has a great deal of debt. Its free cash is decreasing yet still, the company is taking steps to fix these matters. Or are they? But the question remains what is the company doing to make money and become profitable? Back in February the company downsized by 500 employees as well as a quarter of all corporate positions. Along with halting the production of 2 new facilities. This move was done to free up extra capital and saved the company almost $200 million Ca. In recent news, Aura Cannabis announced its financial and operational results for the first quarter of fiscal 2021. The company generated a total net revenue of 67.8 million. Which is a small improvement from the last quarter that had a total revenue of $67.5 million.

“We continue to take the necessary steps to execute our plan and transform our business to achieve sustainable profitability, and ultimately positive cash flow,” stated Miguel Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Cannabis.

But what this report shows doesn’t provide details as to how Aurora Cannabis burned through $2.17 billion. Some analysts have mentioned because things have taken a turn for the company. And they wouldn’t be surprised to see this stock trading at $0. Plainly said there’s much to sort out for this marijuana stock. With the new year approaching investors are watching to see if 2021 can change for this marijuana stock.

Will Marijuana Stocks See More Momentum in 2021

As the new year gets closer look good for most top marijuana stocks. Yet other cannabis companies like Aurora Cannabis have a long road ahead. With a new year, upon us bring new things. For example, more states going legal, innovative adjustments to existing products and new ones. And the long-awaited nationwide cannabis reform. To sum it up 2021 is setting up to be a promising year.


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