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Are These 2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch Leading Multi State Operators In The Cannabis Industry?

2 MSO Marijuana Stocks To Watch This Month

MSO Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now

MSO marijuana stocks or multi-state operators are some of the most sought after plays in the market. This is due to many factors as to why investors have made them a more popular investment choice. For starters, you have the ability to make a return on your investment in a shorter period of time. This can be attributed to how much capital is being used to set up operations on a large scale. For this reason, some investors feel MSO marijuana stocks are a potentially good place to start when searching for marijuana stocks to buy. The next reason as to why MSO pot stocks are a better investment option is not only can you make money in the short term but they also offer the potential to see gains in the long term.

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As well with MSO’s most times aren’t affected by variables that might slow the momentum of other top marijuana stocks. This pandemic was a clear example of how beyond volatility with the increase in the demand for cannabis marijuana stocks can still thrive. Now this isn’t to say you shouldn’t do your homework as investing is always a risk even with MSO pot stocks and nothing is promised. The info above info is just a few brief points on the matter and why investors tend to search for these kinds of cannabis companies. With this, the 2 cannabis companies below are examples of marijuana stocks to watch in 2021 that may see more gains.

MSO Marijuana Stocks To Watch

Green Thumb Industries Inc. (GTBIF Stock Report)
Cura Leaf Holdings Inc. (CURLF Stock Report)

Top Marijuana Stocks To Invest In: Green Thumb Industries Inc. (GTBIF)

Green Thumb Industries Inc. is one of the top marijuana stocks of 2020. The company has had solid upward momentum in the market for most of this past year. On the first trading day of the new year, Green Thumb has continued its trade up. It’s safe to say that after the market dipped earlier in 2020 GTBIF stock began its rally in the market. Since that time GTBIF stock has been reaching new all-time highs. Currently, Green Thumb Industries Inc. has a 5 billion dollar market cap with a 52-week range of $3.700 – $25.380. In the last month, alone GTBIF stock was able to continue its upward trend to reach new all-time highs.

GTBIF stock hit $22.99 a share on December 21st before hitting $25.38 on the 28th of the same month. This increase was a 9.9% increase. Just enough to get to the point where the company set a new 52 week high. However, currently down from this point a fair amount of health trading is still taking place for GTBIF stock. When the stock fell from new highs the following trading day tat dip continued till GTBIF stock hit a share price of $23.84. This made for a 5% decrease in trading. However, from this point trading has started to pick up. With trading at higher levels and have a great 2020 Green Thumb Industries Inc. continues to be a marijuana stock to watch in 2021.

Top Marijuana Stocks To Invest In: Cura Leaf Holdings Inc. (CURLF)

Cura Leaf Holdings Inc. is yet another marijuana stock that was able to reach new highs in 2020. Even being hit with moments of volatility CURLF stock has been able to remain a top marijuana stock to buy. If you look back at 2020 over that the whole year CURLF stock is up over 100%. Once the company recovered from lows earlier in 2020 its been a volatile ride to new levels in the market. After coming off of a slight dip last October for that whole month CURLF stock shot up 30%. Moving forward during the month of November 2020 CURLF stock continued its upward push in the market with a 10% increase.

During this time volatility and uncertainty in the market caused CURLF stock to dip before reaching new all-time highs. Back in November when CURLF stock hit a share price of $9.55 before hitting a new all-time high of $12.89 a share. This makes for a 34% increase in trading which has made this marijuana stock a top

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gainer of 2020. Now the question becomes can Cura Leaf continue trading up in 2021. So far it looks like Cura Leaf is pushing the limits and battling volatility quite well. Currently, it doesn’t look like the company’s upward momentum is being stopped short by any major roadblocks. With this investors can feel a bit more comfortable with investing in a marijuana stock like Cura Leaf Holdings Inc. So as the new year is finally here this marijuana stock has much in the works that could play in favor of continues its path to reaching new highs in 2021.

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