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Apparently Zombies are out and Clowns are In.

NO, this has NOTHING to do with Marijuana or Stocks BUT it’s almost Halloween and NOTHING that exciting happened today thanks to Christopher Columbus and the Canadian Thanksgiving BUT this is the CREEPIEST shit we have seen in a while so we wanted to share…

For the residents of California towns, Wasco, Bakersfield and Delano, a childhood nightmare is coming to reality.

Resident’s of the towns are reporting people dresses as clowns, some with machetes and baseballs.

Only one clown ended up in jail after 20 sightings in a week. A juvenile in Bakersfield was arrest for reportedly chasing after other kids while he was dressed as a clown. The 14 year old was not armed. Police say the youth said he was just participating in a hoax he had seen online.

There are various social media accounts, such as “Wasco Clown” who say they are linked to the clown pranks. But local authorities have not been able to make any connection between social media accounts and actual events.

Thanks abc’s  via GOOD MORNING AMERICA for this AWESOMELY Scary Story!
Full Link to abc’s story:

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