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2 Pharmaceutical Pot Stocks to Watch During These Trying Times

Pharmaceutical pot stocks seem to be a logical choice in the midst of this viral pandemic. These two stocks are in no way traditional pot stocks, but they do play a role in the industry in their own right. Both participate in the cannabis industry by either producing or researching new drugs that use cannabis compounds. With the pure-play cannabis market currently in free fall, it seems like it may be time to look for some interesting alternatives. It also seems more than logical that investors would look to pharmaceutical companies as some of the only ones that have a chance of showing upward momentum during a time like this.

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But, nothing is guaranteed and that is no better documented than right now. As a side note, the entire stock market seems to be extremely volatile. This means that for those who invest in the long term, it may be best to sit back and watch. For others, however, such as those who trade looking for short term gains, now is a time of volatility and the potential to see such movements in prices. Regardless, these two pharmaceutical marijuana stocks look like interesting plays in the current state of the cannabis market.

Pot Stock To Watch: A Big Pharmaceutical Player

GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH Stock Report) is one of the leading pharmaceutical pot stocks in the industry. The company famously received one of the first approvals from the FDA for its drug known as Epidiolex. Epidiolex, which is used to treat seizures, has been hailed as being a miracle drug in its industry. After the approval, the company has since shown that it has sold around $300 million of the substance. The company also recently announced its full-year financial results for 2019 as well as its fourth-quarter results. For the latter, revenue shot up to over $109 million. This is a massive increase from the over $6 million that it reported during the same time last year.

Much of this can be attributed to Epidiolex. This treatment has sold nearly $105 million of the stuff during its fourth quarter. The company did report a loss of around $25 million, which is almost a third of what it showed in losses in the previous year. With over a half a billion in free cash, the company looks like it has strong financials moving into the rest of 2020. The company is feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but the hopes are that it will see its price stabilize in the near future.

A Lesser Known Pharmaceutical Pot Stock

Corbus Pharmaceuticals (CRBP Stock Report) is less of a cannabis stock than GW Pharmaceuticals, but it is still a strong player in the market. The company created the drug known as Lenabasum, which is currently in phase 3 of clinical testing. Whether or not this drug gets approved will be known by the public as soon as this summer. Yet things seem to be quite good currently. The company states that this drug will be used to treat different types of sclerosis disorders, with the hopes of finding more uses for the drug as time goes on.

It remains that the company may see some difficulty in having its drug approved in a timely manner as all sights are currently set on approving coronavirus related medicines and tests. But, if it is able to get this new substance approved, it should begin to receive a lot more notoriety in the cannabis market. For now, however, the company remains an interesting pot stock to consider once all of the dust settles.

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