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2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch Before April

Will These Marijuana Stocks Find More Momentum In April?

Will These Marijuana Stock Rise In Trading In April?

When investing in marijuana stocks it’s always best to start out researching each company. Doing your homework on each potential investment you want to make can help you to limit any possible risk. However, when investing in marijuana stocks or any stock for that matter there is always risk involved. For starters, you want to investigate the companies financials and trading patterns so you get familiar with how a particular cannabis stock performs.

As well with the cannabis sector trying to recover from recent lows knowing if a marijuana stock will possibly rise is also important when buying off the dip. Next, you want to make sure the company is up to date with its news or any company info. This helps investors get a current feel for what’s going on with the company and any future plans. Another step before investigating cannabis stocks is to build a watch list of potential marijuana stocks to buy.

Some people even break them down by niches such as ESP or MSO or even ancillary cannabis stocks and pure-play. Due to how volatile cannabis stocks some niches fluctuate in price more often than the next. However, with volatility comes the chance to buy low and sell high, and with the recent trading being that investors can see bigger short-term gains. Since mid-2020 the trading strategy for many investors has been to buy the dips of certain marijuana stocks.

Yet as the sector becomes more regulated some analysts are building a portfolio based on the speculation of what’s next to come for the cannabis industry. So far 2021 has started with a great deal of momentum even though marijuana stocks are looking to sustain better trading. As things progress investors are still watching for the best marijuana stocks to buy in 2021.

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2021

  1. Green Thumb Industries Inc. (OTC:GTBIF)
  2. Innovative Indsutrieal Properties Inc. (NYSE:IIPR)

Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Green Thumb Industries Inc. has been one of the few top-performing cannabis stocks in the sector. Back in 2020 shortly after the crash in March GTBIF stock has been on an upward climb that has yet to drop significantly. In the last year of trading, GTBIF has shot up over 600 percent in trading going from just above $4 a share to over $30 in that time.

Over the last 2 months along GTBIF stock has been able to pick up in trading even with some small dips along the way. In January GTBIF stock started out with a nice upward push in trading. Towards the end of the month, GTBIF stock fell to almost where it began at the start of January. When trading in February started GTBIF started to recover from the end of the previous month.

From February 1st to the 10th GTBIF stock started to rally and this uptick was when the company reached new all-time highs. Yet from this point in time the company dropped in trading but has been able to sustain a decent market level to build from. So far Green Thumb remains a top marijuana stock to watch in 2021 for potential gains in the near and distant future.

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Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc.

Innovative Indsutrieal Properties Inc. is one of the only cannabis real estate companies that is publicly traded. The company operates by using REITS to buy properties and then leases them out to licensed cannabis professionals. Just this past month the company released its Q4 results for 2020. During that time the company made total revenues of $37.1 million in the quarter.

This made for a 110% increase from the prior year’s quarter. Also, the company closed on over $620 million in new acquisitions and additional investments at existing properties. This is in addition to commitments to fund future development and redevelopment. that will help the growth of the company. In the last year of trading IIPR stock has picked up tremulously with a 198 percent increase in trading.

Over the past, 2 months or so IIPR stock has been able to keep this rise in trading even with a slight downtrend. At the start of January, many marijuana stocks saw an opening boost in trading but now IIPR stock. In the first week of trading, IIPR stock started to push down. However, after the 7th of January IIPR stock started to rise again. Even though the company had a slow start to 2021 and dropped at the end of the month in February IIPR stock started to pick up once again.

Final Thoughts On IIPR Stock And Market Performance

February 1st to the 24th IIPR stock was able to keep its upward rise going the first half of the month and even hit new all-time highs as well. Yet after this rise IIPR stock dropped again but was able to keep a higher market position than before the new year. In March IIPR stock continued to drop in trading and has had small bounces along the way. Right now the company is trying to increase its market position as 2021 will be a big year for shareholders and the cannabis industry.

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