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2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch After Labor Day

Are These Two Marijuana Stocks Sitting on Future Potential?

The future of the cannabis industry is uncertain. With that uncertainty, however, comes several predictions that could come to fruition if all things go according to plan for marijuana stocks. Analysts have projected that within the next decade, the cannabis industry could grow to over $60-80 billion in value worldwide. This does not seem to be too far off from where we are currently considering the CAGR of the cannabis industry. But, in order for pot stocks to capitalize on this growth, they need to continue pushing for the future.

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This means showing better numbers on balance sheets in addition to showing what they have in store for the next few years. Because the cannabis industry is shifting so quickly, cannabis stocks need to shift too. This comes in the form of a commitment to innovation and creating new and better products for the future. While some pot stocks have shown a clear path to success, others may be hiding their value in the numbers. As marijuana stock investors, it is our job to figure out where those pot stocks to watch are hiding. With that in mind, here are two marijuana stocks that could be sitting on future potential.

A U.S. Based Cannabis Grower Pot Stock to Watch

Harvest Health and Recreation Inc. (OTC:HRVSF) is one of the small to mid sized marijuana stocks to watch. The company operates as a vertically integrated retailer and producer of cannabis in America. Headquartered out of Arizona, HRVSF stock has shown a lot of potential to hold a decent market share in several U.S. states. In its last quarter, HRVSF stock reported as much as $20 million in revenue.

With this, the company has licenses to open as many as 210 facilities around the nation. If all of these licenses are utilized, HRVSF stock would have claim to being the largest cannabis retailer in the country. Of course, opening new dispensaries is a capital intensive and laborious process. But, Harvest Health has shown that it is willing to commit to seeing success in the cannabis industry. Given that it is a smaller pot stock to watch, HRVSF stock can be quite volatile. But with that in mind, it remains one of the unsung heroes in the U.S. cannabis industry.

A Marijuana Stock to Watch for the Derivatives Market

MediPharm Labs Corp. (OTC:MEDIF) is another one of the leading marijuana stocks to watch based out of North America. The company states that it is in production of pharmaceutical quality cannabis oil for sale on the open market. With derivatives shooting up in popularity, it looks like MEDIF stock could have a large place in the cannabis industry in the near future. One of the things that makes MEDIF stock so unique is the company’s underlying business model.

MediPharm has stated that it is committed to producing some of the highest quality oils and tinctures on the market. For this reason, the company has received a large amount of notoriety in the past few years. With Canada only legalizing derivatives at the beginning of this year, it seems like there is a lot of untapped potential for MEDIF stock to capitalize upon. With this in mind, MediPharm Labs remains one of the leading marijuana stocks to watch.

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