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South Carolina is a state that barely allows patients access to non-intoxicating types of cannabis oil. One state lawmaker plans to change that in the 2017 session by suggesting a proposal aimed at establishing a more comprehensive medical cannabis program.

Senator Tom Davis, who is thought of one of the state’s leading forces in the push for marijuana reform, has introduced a bill called the Compassionate Care Act, which would allow patients with a variety of health conditions to purchase cannabis from state licensed dispensaries as long as they have a doctor’s approval.

Senator Davis told a group earlier this week, “If a doctor in his or her professional opinion believes that cannabis can be of a medicinal benefit to a patient for whatever reason, whether it’s epilepsy, PTSD or glaucoma or any number of things, and then why should 170 politicians in Columbia be the ones that say no?” Davis continued, “ I really think it says something about our state negatively that we do not allow doctors to make decisions that are in their patients’ best interest. I mean to me that’s not what an enlightened, concerned and caring state does.”

Davis’ bill would not give patients the freedom to engage in home cultivation, unlike similar legislation introduced by State Representative Todd Rutherford, which would give individuals with only a handful of serious conditions access to medical cannabis. Providing patients with safe medicine, while keeping a tight leash on marijuana production, is the goal of the Compassionate Care Act, according to Davis.

Last year, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said that she would be open to discussing the issue of a more comprehensive program. Reports indicate that Haley has already had several meetings with Senator Davis on the subject, but she has not signaled whether she would sign a reform of this magnitude if it lands on her desk this year.

It will first be up to the state legislature to get onboard with the concept. Last year, the South Carolina Senate voted 7 to 4 against a medical cannabis bill brought forth by Senator Davis. One thing is certain, South Carolina residents support the issue. The latest Winthrop Polls finds that 78% of the state’s citizens are in favor of medical cannabis.

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On Thursday, South Carolina Senators voted 7-4 against a bill that would have made a protected and available medical cannabis program in the state. As indicated by WLTX, the bill would have allowed doctors to endorse therapeutic marijuana to patients experiencing debilitating restorative conditions, for example, cancer, glaucoma and chronic pain.

“This is something that is providing real relief to people who are suffering,” the main sponsor of the bill, Senator Tom Davis, told the Senate Medical Affairs Committee.

In any case, Davis was not able to influence his kindred committee members, a considerable bunch of whom stood opposed to the bill because of the likelihood of legal medical cannabis advancing into reproducing hands.

“Back in my district, every single medical professional that contacted me about this bill is against it,” Sen. Kevin Johnson stated. “And they explained to me why and they made some very valid points. And then all my law enforcement people in my district are against this bill.”

“This is a bad idea,” Sen. Mike Fair concluded. “It’s a pathway to recreational usage.”

Be that as it may, as indicated by Davis, the bill was composed with safety measures set up to avert such “recreational usage,” including a seed-to-sale tracking system. While most unquestionably a misfortune for medical cannabis in the state, the Senate’s dismissal does not imply that medical marijuana is totally off the table. A similar bill that is presently in the South Carolina House is giving cannabis activists trust.

“We’re not completely dead-in-the-water yet because there is a companion bill in the House that has also already passed subcommittee,” explained Jill Swing, the mother of an eight-year-old who takes CBD oil to reduce seizures. “So, I think what we do is go over to the House side and try to get them to push the bill from over there.”

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