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After a more than 10 years of research and development, Israel is now here to bring all that they have acquired and mastered to the U.S. marijuana market.

This past month, Tikun Olam, the world’s first, largest and leading supplier of medical marijuana in Israel, announced its expansion to the U.S.— starting with Nevada, just as the state embarks on its journey with adult cannabis use.

To easily prepare itself for the economic growth making its way to Nevada (marijuana was legalized statewide in the last election, and the law is expected to go into effect sometime this year), Tikun is bringing all of its research and methods to the States.

Tikun Olam was Israel’s first medical cannabis company, opening back in 2007, and soon thereafter chosen by the Israeli government in 2007 to be the first government-approved cultivator of medical marijuana. They have also received global accolades for Avidekel, the first ever high-CBD strain.

Tikun Olam (which is defined as “healing the world” in Hebrew) is known for curating its own unique strains that are developed with patient feedback. At their marijuana shop in Tel Aviv, nurses assist patients with treatment but also accumulate data.

“It helps us to understand which strains are working for which conditions,” Bernard Sucher, CEO at Tikun, explained. “It helps us see the entire strain and the entire patient holistically. Our strains were purpose-bred for conditions and ailments.”

Sucher wants to bring that same volume of care and research to the U.S., where limits on federal financing for medical marijuana research have stymied many efforts before they could even begin.

“It’s still extraordinarily challenging to create peer-reviewed research studies in the U.S., but we do plan to collect as much information as possible from our consumers and patients so we can understand how our products specifically are helping improve lives,” Sucher said. “We look forward to collecting that data qualitatively… We can invite patients and consumers to track their consumption with us voluntarily, so we look forward to developing digital methods that will enable us to do so.”

In the end, Tikun Olam’s intent is to provide the best relief it can for its patients.

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For more than 50 years, Israeli scientists have been researching the medical benefits associated with cannabis and the country’s pro-cannabis standpoint has made it attractive to several cannabis-focused biotech firms.

Although the Israeli cannabis research and development efforts are unmatched by any country, the growth of the North American cannabis industry has caught Israel’s attention.

The Canadian recreational cannabis movement has been the story of the year so far, but Israel is not too far behind as its cannabis initiatives are starting to gain traction in some of the world’s largest markets.

Israeli Cannabis Company Continues to Expand

Tikun Olam is one of Israel’s leading suppliers of medical cannabis and has been operating under a license from Israel’s Ministry of Health since 2007. From plant to patient, Tikun Olam is a vertically integrated company and the founder of the world’s first professional cannabis nursing clinic.

The company has been capitalizing on the United States legal cannabis market and Tikun Olam plans to enter Nevada’s cannabis market and continue to expand its presence in the United States following the completion of its pilot program in Delaware.

Tikun Olam will enter the Nevada market and will be licensed to sell its products through a non-exclusive agreement with CW Nevada and its chain of dispensaries. The nature of the agreement will enable Tikun Olam to increase its market share within Nevada and enter new dispensaries as the state’s cannabis market continues to grow.

T.O. Global LLC CEO Bernard Sucher said, “Tikun Olam is the gold standard for pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis production in both Israel and Canada. The U.S. cannabis market is becoming more sophisticated, looking beyond high-THC content to demand medically-proven, quality products for therapeutic cannabis use as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

A Global Focus

From Israel to the United Sates, from Canada to Australia, Tikun Olam has been executing on the burgeoning global cannabis industry.

In 2014, Tikun Olam entered a partnership with MedReleaf, a licensed Canadian medical cannabis producer. The partnership has been successful and is focused on treating Canadian patients.

Last year, Tikun Olam expanded into the United States and established a subsidiary, Tikun Olam USA. The company also recently said it would be working with Medifarm of Australia, which is Queensland’s first medical cannabis cultivation license.
A Company to Watch

Tikun Olam is privately held and we think this is a company to watch as it continues to execute on its business plan and increase it leverage to the rapidly growing legal cannabis market, which is the fastest growing in industry in the world.

Although cannabis is a cash crop, companies like Tikun Olam are learning about the plant’s incredible ability to treat medical ailments and debilitating diseases.


Authored by: Michael Berger

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