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Today is the final trading day of the year will definitely be one that investors will always remember. The market remains in the positive as companies are better positioned for success. From the advance of the Canadian marijuana industry to election of Donald Trump, there will be a lot for investors to watch next year. We would like to highlight some themes anticipated to play out over 2017.


One of the brightest spots of the marijuana industry in 2016 was the Canadian licensed medical marijuana producer sub-sector. In early December, Mettrum Health (MT.V)(MQTRF) and Canopy Growth (CGC.TO)(TWMJF) announced an agreement where Canopy Growth will gain all of the outstanding shares of Mettrum.

Keep your eyes on the marijuana industry as it is expected to see more deals like this over the next year. The possibility for increase consolidation makes these companies attractive investment opportunities: Aphiria (APH.V)(APHQF), Supreme (SL.V)(SPRWF), OrganiGram (OGI.V)(ORGMF), Emblem Corporation (EMC.V), and Aurora Cannabis (ACB.V)(ACBFF).


The biotech sector will be one of the greatest recipients of the legal marijuana movement and recent sector weakness has created opportunities for investors.
GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) reported its second Stage Three Clinical trial in September for its Epidiolex product for the treatment of seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). We continue to view GWPH as one of the top marijuana investments due to its capability to convert the cannabis industry through the development of treatments for sickness’ that don’t currently have an approved regimen.


From the financial structure, investors need to conduct with earnestness. We suggest incorporating some guidelines into your investment blueprint.

To end 2016, we want to highlight some of the stocks investors should watch during next year: Emblem Corporation (EMC.V)(EMMBF), Zoned Properties (ZDPY), Aphria (APHQF), Kush Bottles (KSHB), American Cannabis (AMMJ), Aurora (ACBFF), Reliq Healthcare (RQHTF), Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (ZYNE), OrganiGram (OG.V)(ORGMF), Arcturus Grothstar Tech (AGSTF), MassRoots (MSRT), VPR Brands (VPRB), CV Sciences (CVSI), mCig (MCIG), Canopy Growth (TWMJF)(CGC.TO), Medicine Man Tech (MDCL), GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH), Lexaria (LXRP), Canabo Medical (CMM.V)(CAMDF), Mettrum Health (MT.V), and VinergyRes (VIN.CN).

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One of the biggest questions we get on MarijuanaStocks.com is “How do I buy Marijuana Stocks?” First, we aren’t financial advisors, but we can offer you a good starting point and some relevant information. We get thousands of emails from our subscribers and created this based off of your inquiries. MarijuanaStocks.com hopes this is a helpful guide to potential investors interested in the Cannabis sector, but we encourage you to continue your research and hopefully you’ll become the next Pot Stock millionaire! Cheers

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    Over recent weeks we’ve been shedding more light on the hemp industry and why we see it as an important part of the bigger cannabis space.  Marijuana Stocks, the Wolf of Weed Street and Cheryl Shuman have been working closely with FBEC Worldwide to help develop the first branded hemp infused energy drink for FBEC called the “Wolf Shot Hemp Energy.” The product launch is slated for August 1 and buzz has grown quickly.  Friday FBEC Worldwide was highlighted in an article on TheStreet.com, which focused specifically on the Hemp industry, what it is, why it’s important, and why investors should be paying much more attention to it now more than ever:

    “Hemp Won’t Get You High, But Could Boost Your Portfolio Sooner Than You Think”

    The article discusses the differences between hemp and marijuana citing that though they both are derived from the same type of cannabis plant, their uses couldn’t be more different. Major health benefits from hemp include higher levels of easily digestible protein, longer sustained levels of energy, improved mental focus and even reduction in cardiovascular disease.  The biggest benefit is that though it is limited to growing in the US, using and selling products that have it is not.  Highlighting FBEC Worldwide as a viable option for taking advantage of the growth that this space could see in both short and long terms adds much more legitimacy to the company and shows the true differences between companies planning to do something and companies actually doing it like FBEC Worldwide is; now 3 weeks away from initial product launch.

    Read the full article HERE

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      There have been hundreds of marijuana stocks covered in the market, which have captivated the interest of investors. CannaGrow Holdings, Inc. (CGRW) in particular has seen a fair share of attention throughout 2014-2015. It stands to reason that this company has managed to gain momentum after announcing significant developments month over month over the last 3 quarters and has helped to strengthen CannaGrow in becoming a new leader within the industry. But why?

      Initiation and approval of the Colorado Buffalo Ranch project have been the major focal points for the company and over the course of the last 7 months, CannaGrow has acted as a consultant and liaison to NuGro Industries in order to build a leading position in the green house market for Colorado’s marijuana industry.

      The Future For Marijuana Cultivation: Green House Growing

      Conservatives certainly couldn’t have imagines a world where marijuana would be nearing universal legalization and though only 4 states have legalized recreational marijuana, half of the US and the District of Columbia have laws in place that allow medical marijuana to shine. States like New York and Illinois have singled out the drug to be used only by “smokeless” methods and the marijuana industry as a whole – outside of the medical space – has found that nearly have of the industry’s sales are coming by way of edibles.

      No longer is it a matter of “beautiful buds”. Now the real industry is building around extracts. Over $118million worth of marijuana have already been sold in Colorado during the first quarter of 2015 and the market continues to grow month over month according to sales data. Green house growing is preferred when it comes to extracting the most resin from the cannabis plant and the trend to grow weed in greenhouses has come at a time that warehouse space is becoming more expensive and difficult to find. Since voters approved legalizing marijuana for recreational use in 2012, growers have absorbed more than 1 million square feet of industrial space, according to the industrial Market Trends report by Newmark Grubb Knight Frank. The total space occupied by the industry is more than 4 million square feet.

      Therefore, those who have already begun the arduous process of land use approval and conditional use permission will already have a leg up during somewhat of a paradigm shift from bud to extracts. As a liaison and consultant in this niche, CannaGrow can quickly gain market share necessary to carve out a leading position within the space.

      Buffalo Ranch

      Since initiating the submission process for approval of land use in Huerfano County, CannaGrow, acting as a facilitator and liaison, has been able to have approval granted for the project while also continuing its development of the new site. Keep in mind that Colorado may be known for a cooler climate, the state has 300 days of sunshine making it an ideal location for a green house project. Through a series of amendments and multiple meetings with the Huerfano County Planning Commission, both the Land Use Application and Conditional Use Permits were approved and signed which officially marked “the beginning.” This all came together at the end of May and will allow the commercial cultivation of Marijuana on Colorado Buffalo Ranch Filing No. 5-Lot 61, by a licensed Grower that is certified by the State.

      Phase II

      CGRW has been no stranger to price movement. The initial run up from $0.04 to $1.05 just a few months ago has triggered much more attention to be placed on the company and the current projects that it has under development. A much more solidified proof point for CGRW longs will come when the company releases its Phase I and Phase II results. The goal is to become the first large-scale commercial grow operation in Huerfano County Colorado and now that the proper documentation has been procured, the Company can now focus on sourcing materials and manpower for the build out.

      Phase V

      According to CannaGrow, “Phase I & II consists of site grading for the ingress & egress roadways, a 3200 sq. ft. head-works building, six 2300 sq. ft. hoop-houses for outdoor grows, an approximate 3,300 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Nexus Greenhouse that utilizes the most up to date technology for the growing of cannabis.”


      The full build-out of the grow facility will also include a 6,600 sq. ft. “Nexus Greenhouse”, the 3,200 sq. ft. “Olympia Steel Head-Works” building, and sixteen Hoop-houses. Everything from power to water supply has been accounted for and in order to obtain the CUP, the company made sure to bring on Terracon Consultants, Inc., an engineering company specializing in land development, environmental assistance & geotechnical services.

      At the moment, it would appear the company is optimistic about these next steps. In the most recent press release from May, the company stated, “The completion of this Project will provide CannaGrow the basis to begin generating revenues from the licensed Growers sub-leasing the Turnkey Growing Facilities being built to the specifications of CannaGrow consultants, Dr. John P. Janovec and Jason Wells. CannaGrow has already received numerous inquiries from perspective tenants and we are also exploring additional business ventures in the area that could further enhance shareholder value.”

      An analyst report written by BOTEC Analysis Corporation finds that indoor and outdoor grow operations yield roughly 40 grams per square foot of space. Multiple harvests per year would obviously increase this ratio. With the Buffalo Ranch facility, roughly 16,000 square feet of grow space would yield 640,000 grams or about 22,583 oz. At an average wholesale price of $2,000/lb, those ounces could hold more “weight” when it comes to the bottom line.

      The Trade

      Similar to the biotech space, which has been red hot this year, it’s my opinion that speculation and anticipation for the completion of this project could begin to fuel momentum in the market. The current price channel as identified above would suggest that there could be much more room between current price points and the 52-week high of $1.05 where CGRW could respond favorably to positive trading. This is especially in consideration of the recent consolidation the stock has seen as well.

      More news and continued corporate updates could be the catalyst for short bursts of momentum in the market during the near term. As far as the long-term outlook of this is concerned, results of Phase completion will be essential.

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        You’ve likely referred to them as “Marijuana stocks,” or “cannabis stocks” or maybe heard a friend call them “Pot Stocks.” What ever they go by, there’s no denying that the subject of Marijuana Stock investing is a topical one. Ten years ago if you told your parents you were getting into “marijuana” they would have had you pee in a cup, now it seems dad & his poker buddies or mom in the PTA are saying “How do I get into weed?”

        Today we see that the business of marijuana is not just one of cultivation and distribution. There are finance companies, consulting firms, industry analysts, security firms, real estate companies, biotechnology, tech start-ups, social media companies all involved in some ancillary vertical associated with cannabis. As the marketplace continues to grow (pun intended) we are seeing well-established industries entering the sector.

        Within the capital markets public companies keep sprouting from, it seems, out of nowhere to try and carve out their own green footprint. Cannabis stocks, as volatile as they may be, continue to captivate investors looking to grab their own piece of a brand new industry, the same way their parents did ten plus years ago with “DotCom.” Dot Bong seems to be the millennials’ turn at finding the next Ebay or Amazon. Think about it, if you could have invested in alcohol just as prohibition was ending, would you (assuming that there was an opportunity to purchase shares of a publicly traded alcohol company)? I will be presumptuous and say “yes”f or you; and that’s exactly what’s happening. Marijuana is the newest “sin” sector in the public markets, joining the likes of big tobacco, Alcohol, and Gaming industry.

        So do you know how to buy cannabis stocks VS others? It’s very simple and is the same way you would purchase shares of Coca-Cola if you wanted to. The only difference is that most of these stocks will trade on the OTC or “Over The Counter” and regulatory issues could be an obstacle for some who are looking to invest in marijuana stocks. Information is everything and being able to take on the due diligence process is of the utmost importance before considering a cannabis stock as an investment.

        A new report out from investment app SigFig shows that 1 in 8 investors have purchased so called “sin stocks”, with 7% of investors buying into tobacco companies. More than 2% of investors have been shown to support marijuana companies; while just under 2% of investors go into both casino gambling and alcohol. A new breed is rising in the market especially when considering an investment into cannabis. “Stuffy” tobacco investors are older and generally live in the South, while investors in this “new crop” of marijuana companies are more likely to live in the Northeast such as in the New York tri-state area.

        But here’s the kicker, people are always talking about “younger generations not putting money into the stock market”. But if you take a look into this study, it shows that far and away the disparity between the ages of marijuana stock investors and other “Sin stock” investors is incredibly evident.

        Sin Stocks

        The “less money” to invest is exactly what has kept many flocking to cannabis stocks to watch. Take our own Wolf of Weed Street for example, along side thousands of others who were able to take a small investment and make it work for them in BIG ways. While many of these older investors choose to lay their money up for months or even years to find a return of 10-15%, many marijuana stocks have returned 50-5,000% in the matter of days or weeks…that’s not to say that there is typically much more risk involved with small cap marijuana stocks VS the much larger tobacco and casino giants.

        When the discussion about marijuana stocks comes about, where do you stand? Do you find yourself in the same mindset of at least 7 high net worth investment funds taking the leap into buying cannabis stocks or are you still watching from the sidelines? Let us hear your thoughts below

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        Marijuana Stocks to Buy

        This week has seen some wild swings up and down for a bunch of familiar marijuana stocks and some that may not be so familiar. It’s been a week of accumulation for some, resurrection for others and a coming out party for one. All and all investors finding the right stocks to court seem to be content with their choices for now. Lets take a snapshot of the sector in : The Week in Review….

        OXIS International, Inc.(OTCMKTS:OXIS)

        This week Oxis has essentially been going sideways with some nice dips and bounces of the 50 day moving average. The volume has been very good and actually getting stronger which is important for traders and investors. The swings have been between 20-30%, but what is very telling about OXIS right now is that it is mirroring the movement it had from January to February while it was in the 2 cent range for almost 2 months before it made it’s move into the 4’s & 5’s. Biotech stocks are very much in demand these days on the big boards and the OTC, LBIO which we see as Oxis’ cousin is trading at around $12 on the Nasdaq, if you held that Tony Cataldo stock when it was .02, reversed (in Order to bring in serious funding) and then up-listed then you are a seriously happy camper. So far MGMT has kept their word while increasing shareholder value. Full Disclosure Oxis is my biggest position, and i’m comfortable holding a core and trading a core on spikes. I anticipate some new news to take this to the next level. The week has been a good one with the buy/sell ratio near 70/30% in favor of buying. As for todays news about the trading resuming on the EuroNext its best summed up like this… MM’s will not be able to mess with the share price by shorting it in the OTC & Covering on the EuroNext. As I’m writing this OXIS has dipped and I just added.

        MassRoots Inc (OTCMKTS:MSRT)

        Thursday Mass Roots which is a very popular App in the Cannabis space went public in my eyes pretty quietly. It is a company aimed at bringing all things cannabis into a social network setting. I saw one tweet describing it as “Facebook on weed,” well at $1.07 it sounds like a bargain if they can capture 1% of FB’s audience. IPO’s are always tricky especially when it comes to technology that’s not Apple or Google. Take KING or ZNGA for example, they have gaming apps that essentially print $ every single day, yet the market does not like them. KING’s IPO last year opened at $22 and it now trades just under $17, but has gone as low as $10, ZNGA fared far worse (but they don’t have Candy Crush). MSRT should be interesting, other MMJ IPO’s in the last year include TWEED & Bedrocan all down off their IPO price, but I will reach out to the CEO next week to see what’s truly up with Mass Roots.



        Has been in the last week wildly volatile, and while we like it we were able to stay objective on April 1st when we called the top and told people “taking profit will be the smartest thing you do today on $THCZ.” SInce then it has plunged from .30 to .07, bounced back to .19+ and dipped back down to .15. The last week has been a traders dream where people are making money flipping it or even gambling with their profits. THCZ’s biggest issue is that they still have a Skull & Crossbones on OTCmarkets.com. This symbol is obviously meant to scare people off or at the very least tell investors that there is a heightened level of risk associated with the stock. As far as the week goes all you have to do is look at the chart, its a proverbial roller coaster.

        Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO)

        What a week it has been for PZOO as the low of the week was .0049 and as of right now the price is .01 and hit .011 yesterday when healthy profit taking took place to cool down the RSI and create a dip to .008 that was bought back by the same people holding a core and trading spikes. This Hold a core trade a core strategy is essential to PPS growth as it creates steady layers of new investors coming in. I always advise people to sell a portion of their holdings on these 30% spikes. Obviously you can ride it out, but this is a way to protect your sanity in the OTC as well as your investment. So what has changed with PZOO? Well they are partnering with a prolific lab known as Steep Hill, who is very well known in the Cannabis space and they work with many well known cannabis providers as well as have clients that generate very healthy revenues. As for PZOO, we would like to welcome them to MarijuanaStocks.com officially in an effort to create organic awareness for the company & transparency for investors.

        Blue Line Protection Group Inc (OTCBB:BLPG)

        Blue Line Protection group is still what we consider here at Marijuanastocks.com an under the radar gem in the cannabis sector. Investors should note that they are far from just a Marijuana Security firm and offer some of the most recognized marijuana producers in the nation a cornucopia of services from banking options to vault storage of cannabis and vast sums of cash. Media wise they have been covered by CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox Business and so on. Our feeling is that once people see that they are revenue producing juggernauts with a massive expansion footprint happening now the PPS will reflect their actual value. As such it is our belief that BLPG is still undervalued! With that being said the stock is trading nicely from an accumulation standpoint and is still 20% above where we started covering it (.165).

        In Closing:

        As for the Marijuana Sector in general there have been some companies that have come onto the radars of marijuana investors and provided great trades that we have noticed. These are companies OSLH (OSL Holdings Inc), LIBE (Liberated Energy), & PMCB (Pharmacyte Biotech). OSLH is interesting as they are up about 500% since announcing that they are potentially partnering with Cheryl Shuman one of the most visible females in the entire cannabis space. As we are now in April it’s important for traders to follow the volume, keep their ear to the ground and be on the look out sector catalysts like this one we found about the DEA tripling production of Medical Marijuana and what it can mean to MMJ being a schedule 1 drug. All in all it has been a good week for those people that have a strategy for all the Marijuana Stocks they choose to buy and sell. Cheers-

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          For many marijuana stock investors and those looking for marijuana stocks to buy, March is a bitter sweet month. In looking at historical trends, we really only have one year to go off of (2014) with regard to any states having legal marijuana available. If you were in the market last year, you’ll vividly remember the drop in share prices that many marijuana stocks had due to stringent regulation and even stock halts. What that has created is a more savvy and informed public and on the same token, a generally more transparent group of public marijuana companies working hard to play by the rules. Many companies like Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG), Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) and Pharmacyte Biotech (PMCB) have been making headway in the development of their brands within this growing market.

          In fact, this morning, Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG) announced that it is now fully licensed to provide its suite of protection, transportation and compliance services to clients in Nevada. This news comes on the heels of two previous announcements including the Company’s initiation of a new service agreement with marijuana-related business consultant and fulfillment company Strainwise, Inc. for marijuana protection and transportation services. Additionally, Blue Line released news that it has formed Blue Line Advisory Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary created to respond to the licensing and bookkeeping needs of lawful marijuana businesses across the nation.

          “Our goal is to streamline and simplify the day-to-day bookkeeping duties these businesses face,” said Patrick Deparini, Blue Line Protection Group’s Chief Financial Officer. He continues, “By doing so, we reduce our clients’ operating costs, we help ensure their compliance with the myriad of local, state and federal regulations, and we provide them with peace of mind with our guarantee of audit protection services. Monitoring and tracking the amount of cash involved in any cannabis business — as well as complying with the myriad of laws specific to the industry — makes having an experienced bookkeeper a must.”

          Since making these announcements, shares of Blue Line have maintained trading between $0.1975 and $0.25. Though the company does not necessarily sell a product, the services it provides suggest that businesses do not need to actually sell marijuana to be involved in the marijuana industry.

          However, to many onlookers, the tangible assets are still looked upon as far as a retail perspective is concerned. Many marijuana companies have gone beyond simply selling parts of the plant in their raw forms and have moved on to infused consumables. Take Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. (THCZ) for example. This marijuana stock has received an added bump in market attention this week after announcing that the first product shipment to arrive at the Tennessee AMAZON.com regional facility sold out “in a three-hour period.”

          Furthermore, the product has arrived in the Pennsylvania and California facility and is now available for purchase according to the Company. Totally Hemp Crazy states that it will prepare a second shipment to the Tennessee location this week.

          Over the last 4 months, shares of THCZ have moved up in price from as low as $0.0057 to as high as $0.141 representing a total move of 2,373.7%. Similar to what was seen last year, it would seem, for now, that the sentiment surrounding marijuana stocks has begun to turn positive and this can also be echoed in many segments of the market including the biotech segment.

          Pharmacyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) has begun to see an increase in both price and volume over the last week. After opening on Monday at $0.1010, the stock has seemingly begun to rally. Just before 11:30AM on Thursday, shares had seen highs of $0.13 marking a 28.7% rebound since Monday morning. In the Company’s most recent shareholder update, management highlighted several key developments including being granted the Orphan Drug designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and announced that an exclusive license to use the Melligen cells developed by Prof. Ann Simpson of the University of Technology Sydney in Australia has been obtained from UTS by PharmaCyte Biotech from UTS.

            0 2026

            Colorado-Based Blue Line Protection Group has opened a subsidiary to allow the company that ability to handle financial services for Marijuana companies. These include licensing and bookkeeping. Blue Line’s CFO, Patrick Deparini told the New York Daily News, “Our goal is to streamline and simplify the day-to-day bookkeeping duties these businesses face. By doing so, we reduce our clients’ operating costs, help ensure their compliance with the myriad local, state and federal regulations, and provide them with peace of mind with our guarantee of audit protection services.”

            Blue Line’s new business, Blue Line Advisory Services is pushing forward to become a legal liaison for the budding marijuana industry, which to this point has been mainly a “cash-only business”. Banks are still hesitant to take money from cannabusinesses. Despite this fact, Uncle Sam still needs his cut.

            In Colorado, the Denver IRS has set up a separate, Cash-only line and even though growing cannabis is deductible under the federal tax law, selling it is not and ends up putting business owners into higher tax brackets!

            For Blue Line Protection, their new finance focused business, Blue Line Advisory will look to become an integral part of the financial landscape of this expanding marijuana industry.


            Read More at New York Daily News

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