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NDEV StockMany people won’t know what Novus is, but as the marijuana industry continues to grow with legalization, they will play a massive role in the marijuana industry.
Their goal is to fill the void where most people’s insurance policies do not provide coverage or discounts. They work as outside developers because they don’t ever intend to harvest, distribute, or sell cannabis. They seek to provide people with insurance solutions in states that have legal medical marijuana programs. The company has a medical cannabis health plan called Novus MedPlan and it is America’s first health plan that has focused their efforts on reducing its client’s costs concerning medical marijuana, Hemp/CBD, alternative, naturopathic, dental, vision, perceptions and so much more. Read more articles about NDEV here.

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As cannabis continues to make advancements within the medical world, Novus is dedicated to getting involved as an insurance company that helps people save money on all their cannabis medications. The company plans to file Form 10 because they want to be a fully-reporting company that is traded on the OTCOB. They want to enhance their shareholder value but also ensure the transparency of the company. They are working on expanding their MedPlan network so it can include the new states getting involved in the marijuana movement. These advancements make their company look very attractive to investors.

The CEO, Frank Labrozzi, and his team are very confident in Novus. Labrozzi even returned 90 million of his person common shares of NDEV back to the company’s treasury. They hope that this return will demonstrate their dedication toward retaining a capital structure that is supportive of the growth but also doesn’t increase the number of outstanding shares. Labrozzi made a statement about this decision and said, “By returning 90 million of my own shares back to treasury benefits existing shareholders position with an increase by around 50% in total. We look forward to continuing to enhance value and transparency for both existing and future shareholders. And also shareholders should be aware that this is not any shape or form a reverse split; it's me sending back a portion of my position in NDEV to treasury.”

The company has done an amazing job at legitimizing themselves by doing whatever they can to attract new investors and give them the returns they deserve. Novus uses their results and data to show how profitable of a company they are and have the potential to be. Last year, by the end of June, Novus had released the results of their second quarter earnings, and revenue had increased by 121%. This huge impact can be credited to the increased awareness but also the obvious success of the Novus MedPlan with the astounding number of lives covered. The company continues to steadily increase its revenue as their MedPlan expands with the increasing number of states adopting medical marijuana programs.

The company doesn’t stop there with their developments. Novus is looking into acquisitions and hopefully securing strategic partnerships and agreements that will allow the business to continue growing. Labrozzi recognizes that the company will need to grow in order to handle the large demand of people in the future as medical marijuana gains popularity among states.

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