7 Facts About Marijuana’s Connection to Sex


Marijuana is known for its ability to release THC into the bloodstream, which creates a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Different people react differently to the drug. For some, the drug eliminates any anxiety that was once a barrier between social anxiety and a regular well-balanced sex life. studies have found some great benefits when it comes to being high while having sex.

1) Marijuana Helps Increase Sex Drive

Experiments have found that marijuana contains certain compounds that ease sex drive in men and woman. Studies have found that the more individuals use marijuana the more sex they’ve had. Smoking Marijuana doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to have more sex. For example, those who are drawn to marijuana may be less thrill seekers, after using the cannabis they are more likely able to seek out sexual encounters. Certain strains of Sativa’s deliver an energetic, arousing and relaxing effect that increases on sexual drive. Every strain also contains a smell and taste which also helps when it comes to one’s sexual drive. Sativa UTW which is known as The Ultimate Train Wreck is very highly rated when it comes to arousal.

2) It Increases Orgasms

Study finds that marijuana doesn’t inhibit sexual performance compared to alcohol. According to Stanford university low, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Increases sexual desire and pleasure in women. As for men through advice columns, some has called it “natural Viagra” as it helps create an intense feeling of sexual desire, depending on the strain. Different strains have different effects. Certain strains increase the need of touch and create a sense of relaxation that increases the feeling of orgasm. There are specific strains of marijuana that help women achieve a higher level of orgasm.

3) It Helps Reduce Sexual Anxiety

The euphoric feeling that the drug produces allows different individuals to feel relaxed and at ease. It is found that one or two puffs of cannabis high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was enough to reduce anxiety and depression. Ten or more was enough to produce a large amount of decrease in stress. Both mean and woman can obtain a reduction of anxiety after using the cannabis, but it is also found that woman obtains a significantly greater reduction of anxiety. Indica is a strain that is believing to create more of a relaxed feeling. GFC formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies is an OG Kush Durban Poison hybrid strain. It contains a sweet and down-to-earth aroma which is perfect for the reduction of sexual anxiety.

4) Weed Increases Creativity In The Bedroom.

Certain strains of the cannabis help with creativity. Saliva’s dominant background is mainly known for its boosting of creativity, energetic nature of feeling. Studies have found that marijuana smokers at time outperform nonsmokers. Individuals are more opened to trying new things, especially in bed.

5) Marijuana Encourages Bonding.

It’s known that smoking alone is not as fun as smoking with someone. Studies have found that couples who smoke together have less aggression, and violence towards each other. Having that a similar interest contributed to having a healthier relationship, and a healthier sex life.

6) It’s All About The Dose

Smaller doses are enough to give you the feeling that you want. Smoking too much can cause the opposite effect of what you would want. The early research proposes that THC can boost testosterone for a short period of time. The lower the dose the greater the peak. The greater the dose the shorter the peak.

7) It Increases Ovulation When Estrogen is at its Highest Levels.

Marijuana can help regulate many things in the body, like your mood, or pain management due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. It can increase egg ovulation. There aren’t as many studies done for women than men. The female body does, in fact, act differently on a female’s body depending on the estrogens levels. According to a research done by Professor Rebecca Craft of Washington State University, male rats retraction to marijuana was less sensitive than female rats.

Understanding the herb has come a long way. More research is being done when it comes to understanding the positive and the negative effects cannabis has on sex.


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