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2 Pot Stocks to Watch For Solid Profit Potential

Will These 2 Top Pot Stocks See More Gains In 2021?

2 Interesting Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2021

With profitability, a major issue for many marijuana stocks, some companies in the cannabis industry have been able to show better profits than others. Of course, it is difficult to simply use profitability as the only factor when finding a marijuana stock to watch, but it is definitely important. Amount those factors are everything from a company’s financials all the way to what type of innovation it is putting in place. One of the other important things to take note of is what kind of press the company is getting. Given that marijuana stocks are traded heavily off of speculation, the news that comes out about a given pot stock is extremely important.

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In addition to this, many leading pot stocks have had trouble in the past 6 months. Following the coronavirus, there was a massive pot stock selloff that led to extremely low prices. As March came and went, we saw some big losses in some of the most popular pot stocks to watch. Now, cannabis stocks seem to be pushing profits to a high level. We have seen gains in that period anywhere from 40-150% at the high end. There is no guarantee when investing in cannabis stocks, but these two pot stocks to watch are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch Next Year

Aphria Inc. (APHA Stock Report)
Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (PLNHF Stock Report)

Are These The Best Marijuana Stock To Watch Aphria Inc. (APHA)

Although Aphria Inc. started trading lower in the initial start of 2020 however since mid-March APHA stock has been trading up. This marijuana stock to watch is one of the handfuls of cannabic stocks to recover in since prior lows in a major way. If you look back at the end of September to October 12th you can see APHA shot up over 40%. However, at the end of October APHA dropped down before rising back up over 57% as of December 21st. Now if you look at from when this upward momentum started back on March 19th to December 18th you see overall the company is has had an increase in trading by over 210%.

A Top Pot Stock You Should Know About

Some of this recent momentum is largely due to the company announcing a recent partnership with Tilray Inc. This partnership is said to be the biggest global cannabis company in the industry. With both of these cannabis powerhouses teaming up it sets a new standard in the cannabis industry. Soon we may see more partnerships like this. Yet if the cannabis legislation can make it past the senate marijuana stocks like Aphria and Tilray may see even more gains from the market. If the company can execute the way they need to with this and other projects and ventures 2021 can shape to be a good year for this marijuana stock to watch.

Are These The Best Marijuana Stock To Watch Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (PLNHF)

Another top marijuana stock to watch that has made many traders portfolio is Planet 13 Holdings Inc. This marijuana stock is not only an innovative vertically integrated cannabis company but it’s famous for what’s known as Nevada’s cannabis superstore. This aptly titled superstore literally has everything under one roof. For instance Plant 13 not only has a premium selection of cannabis and cannabis products but they also grow and test its products under one roof. Not to mention after you make your purchase they have a place to grab some food and some interactive gaming as well.

This Is Marijuana Stock Is an Award-Winning Cannabis Company

In 2020 Planet 13 is one of the better performing marijuana stocks in the market. In the company’s most recent Q3 earnings report the Planet 13 posted an increase in revenue of 36.5% which is a sign of continuous growth. Planet 13 recently attended the Jack Herer Cup taking home 3 awards. One for the best sativa vape cartridge, another one for the best hybrid vape cartridge, and the last best sativa concentrate. This goes to show that Planet 13 is a leading brand that provides quality products that consumers can trust.

Final Thoughts On Planet 13 Holdings Inc

Over the last few months, PLNHF stock has been moving up in the market. If you look at just back just a few days from December 15th to December 21st PLNHF has seen an increase of 16%. This subtle price movement shows that PLNHF stock has the ability to be profitable inside of a volatile market. Now with that said nothing is a guarantee and even the best marijuana stocks can face potential market trouble so always do your homework and invest with caution. As things, progress for the company Planet 13 continues to remain a marijuana stock to watch as the cannabis industry prepares for the new year.

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