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Two Marijuana Stocks With High Hopes for the Future 

Over the course of the past few months, we have seen a large amount of positivity begin to reenter into marijuana stocks. This is characterized by some much-needed gains in many of the leading companies in the industry. But, in no way are we out of the water at the current point in time.

It seems as though there is still a variety of hurdles that we need to get past in order to watch pot stocks flourish on a greater level. One of these factors in the U.S. market includes the high tax rates which have led consumers to the black market. In many states around the U.S., high taxes have resulted in some big failures throughout the industry.

Many consumers would rather pay at some times, almost 40% less for their product than go through the legal route. This has made sales much less than anticipated in the past year or so. But, it seems as though the government is working to begin to shift this. The hopes are that we can watch the market begin to reshape itself to better fit the needs of the consumer. For now, these two marijuana stocks continue to look promising for the future.

An Innovative Marijuana Stock to Watch

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR Stock Report) is a long-standing member of a group of marijuana stocks that have maintained some level of profitability on a consistent basis. For those who don’t know, IIPR is a REIT which means that it purchases properties and then leases them out to those who wish to grow or process cannabis. Since the 2018 year, the company has gone from having eleven properties all the way to forty-seven where it currently stands.

These properties span as many as fifteen states in the U.S. which is quite substantial. Although the company does not participate in the physical cannabis product, it is considered to be a leading pot stock to watch. In addition to its rental rate, the company also charges 1.5% in a management fee that is tacked on to the rental cost. With this, the company has been able to bring in profits and pay those back to investors in the form of dividends. For this reason, IIPR is a key pot stock to take a closer look at.

A Multi-State Operator Marijuana Stock

Planet 13 Holdings (PLNHF Stock Report) (PLTH) is another leading marijuana stock to watch. The company is a multi-state operator which means that it has cannabis operations in states around the U.S. The company has quickly gone from being a small-cap pot stock to one with more growth potential the most others. The company has been working on its Las Vegas market share with a new SuperStore as it calls it.

The SuperStore spans as much as 112,000 square feet and holds within it everything from a pizza shop to a cannabis testing lab. With this, the company has been able to secure its name at the top of the retail market. The company is also one of the most transparent pot stocks with a report on its customers and profits coming out on a monthly basis. With this in mind, Planet 13 Holdings continues to be an intriguing pot stock opportunity.

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