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Minnesota Mom’s CBD Legal Battle

It is no secret in the world of medial cannabis that CBD oils are beneficial, especially when comes to treating those with severe seizure disorders. For one Minnesota mom CBD oil has been a blessing to her son.

Angela Brown’s 15 year old son Trey has been having terrible seizures since being hit in the head by a line drive baseball in 2011. 19 different prescription medications did little, to no good for Trey’s excruciating pain or the seizures. At her wits end, Angela decided to give him some CBD oil she had gotten from Colorado. Just one or two drops made a drastic change in his condition.

Trey’s teachers notice a remarkable difference in Trey and started to ask Angela what finally worked to cause her son to improve so much. Angela explained to the teachers that she was treating him with the CBD oil, but that it is made from the cannabinoid part of the cannabis plant and won’t get her son high.

Teachers at the school in turn reported Angela to the local police. She has been charged with child endangerment, fines, jail time and a lifelong criminal record. There is also the possibility that she end up with supervised custody of her son or even a loss of custody by Child Protective Services.

The most frustrating part of the situation is that Angela’s state, Minnesota, has recently passed a medical marijuana law which allows CBD and THC extractions. Trey’s conditions would qualify for a medical marijuana prescription for CBD under the new law. But unfortunately, the law doesn’t take effect until the summer of 2015, so the prosecutor in the county Angela lives in, is going ahead with the charges and trial.

A long time medical marijuana advocate and lawyer from Bend, Oregon, Michael Hughes has taken on Angela’s case pro-bono. He is hoping to get the charges against Angela dismissed and has filed a motion to get the charges thrown out.

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