Marijuana Stocks To Plant In Your Portfolio


Already, 2018 has advanced the marijuana industry and its only January 2nd. This new year has marked the legalization of the recreational marijuana market in the state of California as of January 1st, and it is the year that Canada will legalize adult-use recreational marijuana. Last year, most marijuana stocks saw some serious growth and the outlook for this year remains even more bullish. According to cannabis research firm, the legal North American marijuana industry grew by 34% in 2016 reaching $6.9 billion. It projected to increase around 26% annually through 2021 which equates to nearly $21.6 billion.

No wonder investors have been generating some smokin’ hot profits with marijuana stocks and you should too. Here are some marijuana stocks to consider for growing your portfolio in 2018.

Vitality Biopharma (VBIO), developer of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals for the treatment of neurological and inflammatory disorders, has made a lot of positive clinical advancements over the last year. (VBIO) uses prodrug technology that facilitates the delivery of cannabinoids to the site of disease while reducing and/or eliminating psychoactivity. This marijuana stock reported positive results for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Pediatric IBD, Cannabinoid Antibiotics, and Colon Cancer. Vitality filed for two international patents; one for Neural Repair Treatments and the other for Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals. If (VBIO) continues to move at the same pace as last year, there is not much preventing it from growing like a weed.

Canopy Growth Corporation (TWMJF), a Canadian marijuana producer, is the king of marijuana stocks. The company had made strategic moves last year preparing for Canada’s legalization, such as the acquisition of Mettrum Health and it has 2.4 million square feet of growing capacity currently under construction. (TWMJF) increased its revenue channels by exporting dried medical marijuana to several European countries without grow laws in place. But perhaps, what this marijuana stock’s investors will most look forward to this year is the results of the partnership with Constellation Brands (STZ) for the production and sale of marijuana-infused beverages.

Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF) is another Canadian marijuana producer and has its project Aurora Sky scheduled for completion sometime this year in preparing for recreational legalization. Aurora Sky is a state-of-the-art 800,000-square-foot grow facility is expected to produce 100,000 kilograms of dried marijuana annually while significantly lowering the grow costs. (ACBFF) has announced that its desire to acquire CanniMed Therapeutics (CMMDF). What investors can look forward to is the ability to produce around 130,000 kilograms of dried marijuana annually with the combined company as well as the stock price growing.


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