Marijuana Stocks PreMarket Update – August 8, 2017


GT Biopharma (OXIS) Update


GT Biopharma (OXIS) has continued to follow its recent bull trend that began last week. Monday (8-8) morning (OXIS) announced that it will be holding a conference call, hosted by, to discuss the upcoming merger of Georgetown Translation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and advancements made with the targeted immunotherapies currently in FDA clinical trials.

Even with the slight pull-back it saw yesterday (8-7) afternoon, (OXIS) remains up about 50% from when we first began re-visiting this previous 400% runner. Also, keep in mind that Monday (8-7) was another day that (OXIS) tested previous 6-month highs. Tomorrow (8-9) (OXIS) will be hosting a conference call to go over all of the latest developments and milestones that have been announced and we will be following closely, heading into this call.

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UPDATE: CNRP Mining, Inc. (CRPGF) Shows Why The Benefits of CBD are too Hard to Ignore


Cannabis is a miracle plant that has the potential to treat countless devastating conditions. Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Cancer Treatment & the list goes on and on. Cannabis can & has improved daily life for 10’s of millions of people across the globe and we need to recognize it for what it is, a MEDICINE. This Street is starting to take notice and CNRP Mining, Inc. (CRPGF) is the company they’re starting to look at.

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One Of The First Publicly Traded Marijuana Stocks Is At It Again!

Last week, American Green (ERBB) announced that it acquired the town of Nipton (120-acres) for approx. $5 million. Although this news was reported last week, the market jumped all over it yesterday and ERBB had its best day in years.

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