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$ERBB Announces Marketing Videos

American Green Premieres Marketing Videos

Company Offers 20% Off in Store for Holiday

American Green is happy to share with readers on this list its first round of professionally produced videos to assist sales efforts and generally tell the American Green story to vendors, partners, and the public at large. The web version can be found on the company’s Youtube page at user/americangreenusa.  Extracts from the longer video are available to support sales efforts and the company has plans to produce and release an additional set in Q1 to highlight other products and services as well as anything currently on the horizon but not yet part of the suite of business endeavors already visible at

And while it might be too late to get a holiday gift for someone from the store, we’d like to thank all of the people on this list and shareholders at large for their continued interest and support with a 20% storewide discount athttps://  which is applied at checkout. 2014 was an important year as we diversified and organized to better seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities presented by the end to Cannabis prohibition. We fully expect 2015 to be even more exciting and look forward to passing the ERBB an army wearing our colors on the street in ever increasing numbers.

By J. Phillip

Coming from Miami FL, Jonathan Phillip or (J. Phillip) is a social media marketer and currently head of PR and social media management for When working with clients in various sectors Jonathan will use his expertise and knowledge to make sure the correct audience is viewing and engaging with your content product or service. Jonathan is a self-taught marketer and entrepreneur learning from the best and sharpening his skills with each project.

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