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Despite Decriminalization in California, Cannabis-Related Arrests Still High

The people of California are going to choose whether to completely sanction the recreational utilization of cannabis this November in a vote that is prone to impact weed policy in different states no matter what the decision is. One of the more nuanced contentions against sanctioning in California is that in every way that really matters, marijuana is as of now legitimate there for individuals who need to get it.

The state’s medical cannabis law, Prop. 215 ordered in 1996, is composed extensively enough that patients can get doctor suggestions to take weed for pretty much any ailment. The state decriminalized the ownership of little measures of cannabis in 2011, making ownership of up to an ounce of the medication a minor infraction similar to a stopping ticket.

“Since Prop 215 (The Compassionate Use Act) was enacted in 1996, California has devolved into de facto legalization,” writes Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, one of the groups against marijuana legalization. “Californians no longer face the issue of teens or young people getting put in jail for minor marijuana possession, and we haven’t for decades.”

However, a recent report from the Drug Policy Alliance, a group that supports more progressive drug laws, indicates that far from “de-facto legalization,” tens of thousands of people in California are still being arrested for the possession of cannabis every year. The report indicates that “between 2006 and 2015, there were nearly half a million marijuana arrests in California,” according to data from the California Department of Justice.

It further finds that while crime captures dove after the passing of pot decriminalization in 2011, a large number of individuals are still captured on cannabis misdeeds every year, and thousands more captured for weed related offenses. Taking after decriminalization in 2011 crime captures dropped steeply. In any case, there are still a couple of thousand wrongdoing captures every year, for things like having weed concentrates, keeping amounts of pot more than an ounce, or giving cannabis away to others.

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