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Congress Members Convey a Strong Yearning for Speedy Cannabis Research

Demand to increase the pace of research in connection with the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis has been put forward by a group of 30 bipartisan U.S. lawmakers in accordance with the Federal authorities. The representatives have yet again decided to reach out to Attorney General William Barr and Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon for urgent enforcement.

Previous attempts

The representatives have expressed their discontent with the Justice Department’s delaying of this process. They have repeatedly made claims and proportionate arguments in respect of the “tremendous evidence” showcasing all the medicinal benefits marijuana has. They also argue why 33 states, alongside the District of Columbia, have passed all the necessary laws legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes. They have been pointing out the flaws and why much more research is needed in this area. They only want effective cannabis products legalized and making them easily available in the market, just the way Epidiolex is, at the federal level. They claim that the federal government has been blocking the way.

Other claims

The members have yet to place a claim on the application process and called the process “arduous and long”. This is due to the process including a consultation from the DEA, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. They also convey the tremendous frustration people, who wish to carry on the research process of medicinal marijuana, feel. These people have to wait for months and sometimes years just to get the application approved.

The letter has been signed by a group of 3 presidential nomination candidates from the Democratic Party and several other advocates. They commended the DEA to change the research prospect for good and also claimed the order does not reach far enough. They are urging a speedup of the application process in respect to the research.

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