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2 Marijuana Stocks That Still Hold Value

Are These Marijuana Stocks Profitable?

What Value Do These Marijuana Stock Offer The Industry

Projections of the worldwide spending on legal cannabis are set to reach over $50 billion in sales by 2027. With this in mind, the opportunity to capitalize on marijuana stocks is still a great possibility. Even though we have seen some major changes that impact the market, there are still more obstacles to get past. However, if the market can overcome these hurdles it can have a positive outcome for pot stock investors. One of those fences to climb happens to be the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. on the federal level. Some analysts have stated that in 2020, we could see cannabis become legal across the country. And with Joe Biden becoming president full legalization may finally happen.

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Just like any other market, those looking for the best value at a good price will do the research. And searching for marijuana stocks to buy is no different. Some investors focus only on charts and market performance. While others look at both sides of the spectrum. Focusing on both market data as well as the value the company provides to the cannabis industry. Below we will discuss 2 marijuana stock company’s that offer innovation and true value to the market not just for investors but for the consumer as well.

This Pot Stock Is Focused On Marijuana Real Estate

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR Stock Report) is a well-mentioned ancillary pot stock discussed throughout the industry. The company took an innovative approach to combined marijuana cultivation and real estate. How so? The company will buy and lease properties to cannabis growers. This helps each cannabis cultivator to divvy up the profits after each harvest into the heart of their operation, producing a higher return than they would otherwise get from owning the property.

IIPR is one of only a handful of pot stocks that are currently turning a profit. The company reports as much as 196.95% increase in year-over-year earnings for the last 3rd quarter. Because of this, many investors have taken note of the company as a promising marijuana stock to watch.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the company offers investors a very healthy dividend of 4.5% annually. The main goal for the company is to figure out how to continue expanding in the market. This may be tough as it is an extremely capital-driven business. But with many investors taking notice, this shouldn’t prove to be too large of a challenge as this marijuana stock offers value to the industry beyond the stock market.

Can This Marijuana Stock Help With Nicotine Cravings

Founded in 2010 CV Sciences (CVSI Stock Reprot) is vertically-integrated marijuana stock whose focus is on the production of Hemp CBD treatments. Similar to GWPH Epidiolex this company offers therapies through processing Hemp to make CBD derivatives. This remedy helps treat an array of illnesses. Looking past the stock market CV Sciences is presenting a different approach to help those with nicotine addiction an outlet to a healthier and better way of life.

CV Sciences has been working on a smoking cessation medication. This remedy mixes hemp-based CBD and nicotine to eliminate cravings for tobacco products. If it is as effective as the company hopes, a large demand for this smoking cessation solution is expected to happen. And With the 2018 Farm Bill Allowing for the cultivation of Hemp just makes CV Sciences future an even brighter one.

With innovative services and products, each cannabis company offers a different kind of value. This will only help those searching for pot stocks to buy obtain a clear picture of the company’s true direction. This can also help investors who see beyond the short term and focus on the long term. This in turn will offer more value to the rapidly growing cannabis industry.


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