Will This Marijuana Stock See a Record Setting Year in 2017?

Will This Marijuana Stock See a Record Setting Year in 2017?

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Among the many segments of the marijuana industry that we cover, CBD has taken on a big role not only for its biotech-based applications but also for its uses outside of the health sciences sector. And with the growth that the market as a whole could be set to see, CBD companies are definitely in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

One Marijuana Stock that we’ve been reporting on since late last year has been Ubiquitech Software Corp (UBQU).  Now don’t let the name fool you, this company, through its subsidiary HempLife Today™ is breaking barriers with its CBD brand while also hitting major milestones over the last year.  What could be best of all is that 2017 could already have the stage set for yet another record setting period in (UBQU)’s company history.

Earlier this morning the company put out preliminary guidance on what it is anticipating to be a banner year ahead.  According to the release, the company anticipates that revenues for the year ending November 30, 2017 will increase over 55% from $3,493,113, which was reported in the annual period ended November 30, 2016 to approximately $5,450,000.

Ubiquitech Gives Fiscal Year 2017 Revenue Guidance; Anticipates 55% Year Over Year Increase To $5,450,000

“We are very pleased with the progress we have made and we will continue to do everything within our power to keep our company relevant and growing” said James Ballas, CEO “With the quality of our products, our marketing, customer support and satisfaction, and our dynamic thinking, we will continue this growth through 2017 and into 2018, which we are already planning big things for, and this is the thinking that will take our revenues to even higher gains as we continue. It’s a very exciting industry and we don’t plan to stop until the CannazALL brand is a household word.”

(UBQU) is no stranger to growth.  If you’re just pulling up the company’s other headlines, you’ll already notice major strides being made on the product end. Toward the beginning of the year, the company announced that it had concluded negotiations and reached an agreement to expand its hemp growing capabilities through an additional 140 acres of available hemp operations. They’ve also expanded their current product line to include brand new offerings.

But back to growth…Had this been a random company with its first press release in history, we might be a bit skeptical but (UBQU) has already proven its ability to run a multi-million dollar business that has managed to grow significantly just within the last year alone. On top of bullish guidance for the year ahead, (UBQU) is also coming off of a strong year and noticeable earnings growth.

Revenues for the last quarter increased to $1,225,015 and to $3,493,113 for the year. But what’s more is that net income increased over 700% from the previous year to $334,350 from $39,651 in 2015. First quarter guidance has already come in bullish on its own with the company expecting revenues for the quarter ended February 28, 2017 to increase over 50% from $697,640 in the first quarter of last year to approximately $1,050,000.

Of course this is just initial guidance and with the year ahead, nothing is set in stone. But one thing is certain and that based on the last releases from the company, (UBQU) has set itself on a growth trend.  So this bullish guidance could be shedding some light on what’s to come for this company in the very near term.

The opportunity for taking advantage of the growth that CBD is beginning to see, could be important to take into consideration.  We’ve previously written about this market and how it could be on a path for growth.  Figures estimate that the CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in sales by 2020. That’s a 700% increase from 2016.  Think about this for a moment: (UBQU) is already growing and is expecting to continue this growth to the tune of 50+% for the year according to today’s announcement…this is all going to happen during a time where the CBD industry as a whole is also anticipating significant growth. Having already come off of a banner year, we think that preliminary guidance from the company would suggest that this is something to be paying close attention to moving into the coming weeks/months/quarters.

Again, you can access today’s (UBQU) news here:

Ubiquitech Gives Fiscal Year 2017 Revenue Guidance; Anticipates 55% Year Over Year Increase To $5,450,000

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