Why Should You Invest in Marijuana Stocks ?


When it comes to investing in marijuana (specifically medical marijuana) there are many reasons why it’s a smart move. Because of the new nature of the market, the potential for gain remains incredibly high as predictions for future charts project upwards of $5 billion in growth in the next decade. The time to get in is now.

Breaking Down Marijuana Stocks

There are currently 29 states including but not limited to; the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico that now allow medical marijuana with 8 of those states allowing recreational use of the plant. In addition, Canada is scheduled to make weed recreationally legal by next year. More publicly traded marijuana stocks are available than ever with market caps in the hundreds of millions. This means that potential for investors to earn in the market remains high and constantly improving. With all these positives, there are a few things one should know before submitting those buy orders.

The first thing one should know is that this market is not without risk. Like any investment, risk management is the highest priority and marijuana is not immune to this. Be aware that there are some cannabis stocks in the market that hold greater risk and volatility than others. This should not shy away a potential investor, but rather encourage one to do their research. Those that require the largest amount of research are the marijuana stocks that are priced less than $5 but especially less than $1. These stocks usually have high volatility (highest potential for gain as well). With these stocks, one should always research the companies and do a thorough background check of the financials before throwing in the paycheck.

The other issue with marijuana stocks is the legality. Although marijuana is legal in 29 states, it is still federally scheduled as a schedule 1 narcotic placing it with heroin and ecstasy. Although this scheduling is completely outdated and without proper scientific backing, it still presents the potential investor with risks.

The few cons in the scheme of a multi-billion dollar industry with incredible potential for gain should not shy away a potential investor. Every day companies come out with breakthrough technology, research, and new medicines, all of which could transform the medical marijuana industry at any moment. The possibility of hitting it big remains higher in this industry than most other ones at the current time, and for that reason medical marijuana is constantly a smart move for your money.


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