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vbio stockVitality Biopharma is company that has focused its efforts on cannabinoid prodrug pharmaceuticals. The hope is that the development of these drugs can assist in the treatment of acute neurological and inflammatory disorders. The company is always compliant with FDA and DEA regulations, and this led to their products being accessible but also a desirable option for its customers. The company has also been very successful because of their low-cost and low-risk regulatory strategy. Vitality also has a a senior management team with esteemed backgrounds within healthcare and drug development. It’s main laboratories and manufacturing comes out of Northern California, and the R&D team is full of passionate specialists, medical advisors, and scientists. Read more about VBIO here.

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Some interesting improvements of theirs includes improving the taste of stevia which is a natural compound that is used as a high-potency sweetener. Vitality has amazing ideas and developments and they are working on keeping those ideas protected. They have filed intellectual property applications and they would like to have worldwide patent protection through 2035. They want the ability to claim for prodrugs of THC, CBD, and CBDV, and many other drugs. They have also developed a new class of cannabinoid prodrugs and these were given the name cannabosides. The company wanted to ability to offer therapeutic benefits while minimizing the systemic delivery of THC into the bloodstream.

Many other people notice that Vitality Biopharma is meant to be a money making, successful company. Financial analysts says that the company has been way undervalued for a marijuana stock. Four years ago marijuana stocks appeared in vogue and since then investors have been buying them up. Investors are blinded by the millions that they could make in the industry, and this has blocked them from seeing some of the opportunities that the company itself has noticed. People should be focusing on the plant cannabinoid properties because they are always showing how extraordinary the plant is in treating a wide range of medical complications.

If investors kept these important thoughts in mind, it is likely that more investors would have bought up more of Vitality Biopharma, but instead the company and its stock were overlooked and this caused it to be undervalued.

The company is also making a serious point to try and develop medicines that can be an alternative to per existing medication for things like Narcotic Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. They are trying to rid everyone of opiate prescribed therapy due to all the complications that come with taking drugs like this. Not to mention the addictive side effects that come from taking opiod drugs.

A company like VIBO seeks to better the world of medicine while also being a very sound investment for those involved. They focus on the bigger picture and this has allowed for their current and future success.

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