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Recently at the 44th annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor Michigan, many activists and State Representative Jeff Irwin came to support the releasing of a new bill and discussed the benefits marijuana has to offer. Comedian and marijuana advocate Tommy Chong shared his voice amongst his many listeners and marijuana supporters, as to how marijuana has great medicinal value on many levels. A man by the of Jim Power also had some words to share about how his 6 year old son was saved by the use of cannabis oil from autoimmune disease.

Going beyond personal stories of how this amazing medicine has helped heal many, politicians and members of various pro cannabis groups addressed the audience. Irwin informs listeners, he is creating a bill that will be introduced to the state legislature that would legalize cannabis in Michigan. With many activists and politicians focusing on the legalization marijuana throughout the country we are slowly but surely on our way to full legalization one state at a time.

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This past Sunday the State of Indiana has made a very big push toward the “protection of religious beliefs”. Governor Mike Pence held a signing meeting for passing a bill that would allow businesses and individuals the right to deny the service or access to individuals; mainly the LGBT community.

In the midst of presenting the bill denying the LGBT community service from people or businesses another bill was presented exploiting the loop hole of religious beliefs to open the First Church of Cannabis Inc.

The founder of the church, Bill Levine released on his Facebook page stating that registration has been approved and putting up a status “Approved by Secretary of State of Indiana – Congratulations your registration has been approved!” Now we begin to accomplish our goals of Love, Understanding, and Good Health.”

Currently Mr. Levine and his non profit church are seeking a $4.20 donation. With situations like this it’s always important to pay attention to detail especially with the current popularity marijuana has been having as a culture and medical practice.

For the future Im sure lawmakers will become more efficient on how to properly work a loop hole, such as using marijuana for religious beliefs.

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It’s not everyday you hear of a police officer switching sides to dedicate his efforts for another purpose. Especially one so taboo for even ex law enforcement.

Once a law official Rep. Mark Dion currently a lawmaker, has recently made an attempt to submit a bill in regard to marijuana regulation for recreational
use and adding a 15% tax on the cannabis and making readily available to individuals 21 and up.
“Although there are three other possible initiatives considering the legalization of marijuana, the proposal I’m bringing forward is more conservative,” Dion stated.
Mr. Dion has also stated if the bill does get passed he does not want to go over board with dispensaries like other sates before them have done.
Dion’s Bill is supported by the Maine Association of Dispensary Owners.
The question of how the marijuana will be regulated and controlled has been brought to Mr. Dion’s attention however he is still developing a means for the process to work efficiently if marijuana ends up legalized
for the state of Maine.
The effort and dedication that has been put in to work by Mr. Dion is remarkable. He has made a valuable stride in the fight for marijuana legalization for the state of Maine and set a precedence as a former police
turned law maker and marijuana activist.
With almost half of the United States on board with medical marijuana it shouldn’t be far for Maine and other states to follow their foot steps in the medical marijuana craze.

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    You asked and we delivered.


    Earlier this week, OXIS announced that they will be holding an investor conference call on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 4:15pm EST to discuss recent corporate developments. Well, we immediately started receiving emails and social media messages from our loyal followers as to who will be hosting the conference call and how you could ask specific questions. It is clear that OXIS has been receiving a lot of attention since we first published our “Connect the Dots” piece on January 12, 2015, as the share price has risen approximately 140% hitting a high of $0.06 in March and rightfully so with the announcements coming out of this company over the last three months.

    We reached out to OXIS CEO Tony Cataldo and expressed the amount of interest our followers have in the upcoming conference call and asked if we could moderate the call. Mr. Cataldo replied with,

    “I would love to have MarijuanaStocks.com host our investor call. We have some very exciting things to share with our stakeholders as we look forward to a promising 2015 and are glad to see a community as large as MarijuanaStocks.com show such interest in what we are doing.”

    Your voices have been heard! We invite every single one of you to email us the questions that you want to ask Tony Cataldo to oxis@marijuanastocks.com. Or message us on Facebook or Twitter @MarijuanaStocks or @WolfofWeedSt. We will do our very best to represent our followers and ask every question we receive, within reason. You have until Monday, 4pm EST to submit your question(s) for the Tuesday call.

    To listen to the call live:

    Dial-in Number: 712.775.7031

    Meeting ID Number: 576-591-822

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      Thursday Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. (BLPG), announced that it is now fully licensed to provide its suite of protection, transportation and compliance services to clients in Nevada.

      As a leader in providing regulatory compliance, security consultation and protection services for the Cannabis industry, this is significant. As of today Medical Marijuana is legal in Nevada and if the numbers coming out of other states and the marijuana nation as a whole are any indicator, then there will be an enormous amount of cash that will not be deposited in banks because of archaic federal banking laws. As such there are huge advantages for a company like Blue Line to not only thrive, but to dominate.

      There seems to be some confusion, or shall I say a lack of awareness for the services that Blue Line Protection Group provides. Many people think of them as an armored car service for businesses operating in the legal cannabis space. They aren’t wrong, but would you be surprised that they have 13 other services (here’s a link) that they offer clients in the space? Would you be shocked to know that they went from 6 employees to 70 in eight month’s time? My point is expansion is the name of the game for BLPG and its a byproduct of massive marijuana revenues in general. To give you an idea of how much growth there has been in just one year’s time here’s a few numbers for you.

      According to Arcview legal cannabis revenues grew 74% (roughly $1.3B) in 2014 making it the fastest growing market in the United States. Estimates have the market being worth an incredible $10,000,000,000 by 2019 as more and more states come online. Companies that are able to expand efficiently within the sector stand to make incredible gains and Blue Line is proving just that by successfully expanding to Illinois & now Nevada. Don’t get the impression that they just have first mover advantage, they’re good at what they do which is why Strain Wise (Colorado’s largest dispensary brand) choose Blue line to protect their 13 dispensaries.

      The reality is that Blue Line will continue to expand as fast as Marijuana does throughout the states and as more and more services are needed to protect the crop/money Blue Line will continue to evolve as a juggernaut of a brand with endless possibilities. The biggest issue I see with BLPG is actually a nice one to have, that being a supply and demand issue for it’s services. Sure they can continue to expand and train personnel, but my feeling is that at some point they might have to acquire fledgling security firms with related services and put them under the Blue Line banner. If done well they could potentially acquire companies that already have a roster of revenue generating clients and add to their bottom line which would translate to a higher valuation for the company & higher PPS for the investors.

      Nevada is significant to me because it verifies that this company is able to execute on their business model, while evolving with the current regulations within the industry as a whole. Where others see deficiencies & roadblocks Blue Line sees opportunity to fill the gaps. That is why the company is poised to dominate this vertical market…Awesome revenues don’t hurt either.

      In the Media:




      Blue Lines “Angies List”

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      The whole State of Minnesota and the cannabis community is in mourning over the recent death of eight year-old marijuana advocate Katelyn Pauling. Young Katelyn recently passed due to Infantile Batten a rare neurological disease causing seizures from a young age. Katelyn left a big footprint in the fight to legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota.

      Katelyn’s death came just months prior to families having access to medicinal marijuana in Minnesota. The first dispensary is expected to open in early July. Her parents felt that medical marijuana would minimize the amount of seizures she was having. In doing so, for months Katelyn’s parent’s drove six hour daily 15,000 mile round trips to the State Capitol to join the fight to legalize medical marijuana. Her parent’s persistentance and dedication caught the attention of Lawmakers.

      Katelyn and her families’ sacrifices and efforts had and continue to be a huge landmark on the passage of medical marijuana in Minnesota. Representative Carly Melin stated, “Katelyn touched the lives of many legislators. She and her family made lots of sacrifices to travel to the capitol to advocate for the passage of medical marijuana. Her hard work will result in relief for sick and suffering Minnesotans in years to come. Katelyn will always be remembered. I wish her family peace during this difficult time.”

      These are the type of stories that really hit home. This is a great example if you really fight for what you believe in no matter how big or small you can make a difference. The support in the fight for legalization of medical marijuana is growing by the day, More States are looking to follow the movement on the upcoming 2016 election ballots, one thing is for sure, Katelyn’s name will not be forgotten in her fight to help all children suffering with diseases.

      “If you would like to donate towards the Katelyn’s Faith foundation please follow the link below”


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      Remember the days when people were getting caught for growing Cannabis in their basement? Ever watch those Marijuana specials where they show people growing copious amounts of Weed in a state park? Those were the days… In a scene reminiscent of “Breaking Bad,” police in Palermo Italy have made a discovery in one of their sewer systems. No it wasn’t the Ninja Turtles on holiday it was a fully functioning grow operation. It turns out that the perpetrators of this grow realized (like a select few before) that the sewer system actually offers a pretty unique micro-climate to cultivate the crop using proper lighting and irrigation systems to grow some 100 plants.

      Now while I can’t condone the “illegal” growing of a plant that has been grown, harvested, & revered for thousands of years because of a “clause” in my partnerships. I can say in Italian “Bravo, Fantastico, Molto, che fico!!!” Yet, while this gives a whole new meaning to the term “dank” weed, wouldn’t it be amazing to literally get these industrious “criminals” out of the sewers growing legal weed for all?


       -The Wolf

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        For many marijuana stock investors and those looking for marijuana stocks to buy, March is a bitter sweet month. In looking at historical trends, we really only have one year to go off of (2014) with regard to any states having legal marijuana available. If you were in the market last year, you’ll vividly remember the drop in share prices that many marijuana stocks had due to stringent regulation and even stock halts. What that has created is a more savvy and informed public and on the same token, a generally more transparent group of public marijuana companies working hard to play by the rules. Many companies like Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG), Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) and Pharmacyte Biotech (PMCB) have been making headway in the development of their brands within this growing market.

        In fact, this morning, Blue Line Protection Group (BLPG) announced that it is now fully licensed to provide its suite of protection, transportation and compliance services to clients in Nevada. This news comes on the heels of two previous announcements including the Company’s initiation of a new service agreement with marijuana-related business consultant and fulfillment company Strainwise, Inc. for marijuana protection and transportation services. Additionally, Blue Line released news that it has formed Blue Line Advisory Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary created to respond to the licensing and bookkeeping needs of lawful marijuana businesses across the nation.

        “Our goal is to streamline and simplify the day-to-day bookkeeping duties these businesses face,” said Patrick Deparini, Blue Line Protection Group’s Chief Financial Officer. He continues, “By doing so, we reduce our clients’ operating costs, we help ensure their compliance with the myriad of local, state and federal regulations, and we provide them with peace of mind with our guarantee of audit protection services. Monitoring and tracking the amount of cash involved in any cannabis business — as well as complying with the myriad of laws specific to the industry — makes having an experienced bookkeeper a must.”

        Since making these announcements, shares of Blue Line have maintained trading between $0.1975 and $0.25. Though the company does not necessarily sell a product, the services it provides suggest that businesses do not need to actually sell marijuana to be involved in the marijuana industry.

        However, to many onlookers, the tangible assets are still looked upon as far as a retail perspective is concerned. Many marijuana companies have gone beyond simply selling parts of the plant in their raw forms and have moved on to infused consumables. Take Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. (THCZ) for example. This marijuana stock has received an added bump in market attention this week after announcing that the first product shipment to arrive at the Tennessee AMAZON.com regional facility sold out “in a three-hour period.”

        Furthermore, the product has arrived in the Pennsylvania and California facility and is now available for purchase according to the Company. Totally Hemp Crazy states that it will prepare a second shipment to the Tennessee location this week.

        Over the last 4 months, shares of THCZ have moved up in price from as low as $0.0057 to as high as $0.141 representing a total move of 2,373.7%. Similar to what was seen last year, it would seem, for now, that the sentiment surrounding marijuana stocks has begun to turn positive and this can also be echoed in many segments of the market including the biotech segment.

        Pharmacyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) has begun to see an increase in both price and volume over the last week. After opening on Monday at $0.1010, the stock has seemingly begun to rally. Just before 11:30AM on Thursday, shares had seen highs of $0.13 marking a 28.7% rebound since Monday morning. In the Company’s most recent shareholder update, management highlighted several key developments including being granted the Orphan Drug designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and announced that an exclusive license to use the Melligen cells developed by Prof. Ann Simpson of the University of Technology Sydney in Australia has been obtained from UTS by PharmaCyte Biotech from UTS.

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        The Truth About the US Government’s CBD Patent

        Though we have come a long way with almost half of the United States already legalizing medicinal marijuana, there are still obstacles to hurdle when looking more thoroughly into the medical marijuana industry.For starters marijuana is still very much illegal on a federal level, although certain  states that allow medicinal or recreational use with a doctors recommendation. People raise concerns about the influential impact this industry will have  on the future of America.the national institute (NIH) obtained a patent in 2003, US PATENT 6630507,  and titled cannabinoids as antioxidants and nueroprotectents . Although this shows that the NIH is doing their job and researching CBDs, it has been argued that due to federal illegality and the fact that if a composition occurs in nature it can’t be patented, according to the supreme court,  unless it can be proven that it has been changed.  Its been stated by theSupreme court that patents can only be issued if it can be proven to have been changed or manipulated by the hand of man. Without a knowledge or data to prove natural composition, the basis for a patent cannot be proven.

        With legalization of cannabis proper research can be done to establish a databank of genetic composition that occurs naturally and proof of manipulation or change can be proven and lead to better medicines and treatments.The testing and CBD patent proves they acknowledged the benefits and are researching for future progression with CBDS.Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA), is a publicly traded marijuana stock.Along with their subsidiaries, KannaLife Science and Kannaway, they are determined to continue making breakthroughs and discoveries with CBD’s to help  patients who suffer from various diseases seeking proper medical treatment to alleviate their symptoms.


        Georgia MMJ Bill Clears Hurdle in Senate

        With the rapid growth and success in the marijuana industry it’s no wonder why people are trying to quickly establish their position to see some of the gains other successful marijuana businesses and supporters have reached. With more than a dozen states that have already legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, it would be no surprise if the remanding states that did not permit the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana to pass a bill to allow access for patients with doctors recommendation in the near future.

        Recently a win has been achieved in Atlanta and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee approved an amended version of House Bill 1. This is a bill that has been directed at legalizing medical cannabis in Georgia. Now, there are some contingencies: A patient would have to be diagnosed from 8 various illnesses consisting of cancer, ALS, Crohn’s disease, Seizures induced by epilepsy or issues due to severe head injuries, multiple sclerosis, mitochondrial disease, sickle cell disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

        Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is one the active ingredients in the marijuana plant that has shown to have great medicinal benefits once separated and extracted from the plant to help treat and alleviate theses symptoms. Being that Georgia is a traditional state it’s truly a success all on its own for them to have even come this far to support the fight to legalize marijuana. If the bill happens to pass it will open doors for other conservative states like Georgia to possibly follow the same foot steps to legalizing marijuana.

        When going deeper into the marijuana industry you will find publicly traded marijuana companies that are available to trade on the market. CannaVest (CANV), Cannabis Science (CBIS) and Medical Marijuana (MJNA) who are hard at work dedicating their time and efforts to developing and creating new products through the study of using CBD. These  CBDs are utilized as a method to further progress with current success it has given to care givers and patients seeking proper treatment to alleviate their symptoms.

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