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What are the Best Paying Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

In the past few years, the world has seen a boom in marijuana sales and the industry as whole. With massive expansion in not...

A New Type Of Security For The Marijuana Industry

As long as the marijuana sector continues to thrive, and the feds and banking industry as well continue to prohibit the scads of marijuana...

The Medical Marijuana Industry Needs A Reliable Banking Services

It is well known that any bank which is insured by the federal government (FDIC), is forbidden from knowingly handling money that comes from...
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Financial Leaders in The Marijuana Industry

Many investors are turning to the cannabis industry to find gains as the market continues to grow. A survey by Marijuana Business Daily found...

Marijuana Industry Heavily Increases Its Lobbying In Washington

As states continue to legalize cannabis use, the marijuana stock industry has begun putting more and more money into shaping federal policies. Throughout the...

Are Municipal Banks The Solution To The All Cash Marijuana Industry?

There is less than half a year until California’s January 1 deadline to monitor the adult use of marijuana. Not only is the state...

What Is To Come Of The Marijuana Industry Over the Next Half-Decade

The legality of the marijuana industry has been under fire ever since its creation. With its status as a Schedule I narcotic, listing it...

With The Marijuana Industry Dominated by Men, Priscilla Vilchis is Breaking Down Barriers

The marijuana industry is often thought to be male dominated until Cali Premium Produce CEO Priscilla Vilchis came on the scene. Vilchis is one...
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Is the Marijuana Industry Boom Here to Stay?

With a huge push in the last few years for marijuana’s legalization, the industry has never been this high (no pun intended). Since election...
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Nevada Marijuana Industry Spurs Growth For mCig (MCIG)

The opening of Nevada’s recreational marijuana market has been a catalyst to many companies, however, some have benefited more than others. Some of the biggest...

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