PotNetwork Holdings (POTN) Continues To Experience Record-Breaking Growth!


Marijuana Stock, PotNetwork Holding (POTN) is on ALERT after Experiencing Record Breaking Growth!

According to an article published by Forbes, hemp-based cannabidiol also known as CBD’s is anticipated to be a billion-dollar market in just three years. The data shows forecasts that hemp CBD sales have already reached $170 million in 2016 and a 55% compound annual growth rate over the next five years will boost the market to reach the billion-dollar mark!

It’s important to note that for a sector that big, many public companies are still trying to adapt but there is a company that has broken that mold. To date its flagship product, Diamond CBD has been one of the biggest revenue producing CBD companies out there and marijuana stock investors have begun to take notice!


The company, PotNetwork Holding (POTN) could be one of the most undervalued opportunities in relation to market cap vs revenue. Considering that other public companies positioned in this vertical are doing much less in sales with higher market capitalization could make (POTN) a sleeper and become a value bet based on industry multipliers of revenue to Market Cap.

We pointed this out earlier in the summer when we talked about “One CBD Company That Could Be Outpacing Industry Leaders” and the pace hasn’t slowed down one bit.

So far this year, (POTN) has generated more than $8 million in revenue and the company has recorded very strong growth on a month-over-month basis. If we are speaking to growth, it’s hard to miss the fact that just in the month of July, the company generated $1.46m in revenue alone and August numbers reveal that this growth continues to exceed expectations!

The company did another $1.76 million in revenue for August and that means it’s about to see another record quarter!  Why say that? It comes down to simple math

POTN revenue

For the first quarter, Potnetwork Holding (POTN) managed to see over $1 million in revenue.  It’s second quarter was even stronger with a total of $3.18 million in revenues but what the third quarter is already showing just from the July & August is what’s important right now!

The main reason is that between those first two months of the third quarter, results are already showing that Potnetwork Holding (POTN) has done more than $3.2 million in sales and they still have to report revenues for the entire month of September…even if they did ZERO sales for that month, (POTN) has still set a NEW RECORD for Revenue this year!

Potnetwork Holding (POTN) Won’t Go Unnoticed For Long

Since January of 2017, people have begun to pay attention to the potential of this company and the data speaks for itself as the price was around .01 at the beginning of the year. Over that time period, (POTN) has managed to climb as high as $0.0995; a spike of roughly 900%! And current levels may suggest the calm before the storm with heavy accumulation between $0.06 and $0.07.

“…(POTN) has managed to climb as high as $0.0995; a spike of roughly 900%…”

Another metric that is not lost is that the climb has been steady at a time when other companies have actually been losing 60-75% of their value beginning in March 2017. (POTN) has remained in an over all bull trend and is seeing a liquid market for itself and shareholders.

So how did (POTN) become this revenue-generating machine? The answer is simple…smart business decisions.

In January, (POTN) acquired First Capital Venture Co., and its wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD Inc. Since then, the company has expanded sales, penetrated new markets, and developed new products.

Through Diamond CBD, (POTN) focuses on research, development, and sale of premium hemp extracts that contain a broad range of cannabinoids and natural hemp derivatives. (POTN) continues to improve and strengthen its story from an investing perspective parallel to executing on its business model.

Seeing Potnetwork Holdings (POTN) Ahead Of Its Audit & Solidifying A Record Setting Year!

From a capital markets perspective the company has improved transparency for investors and in late August, (POTN) retained the auditing services of East West Accounting Services, LLC, a Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) registered CPA firm.

The firm will provide a methodical review and analysis to deliver a detailed audit report of recent revenues and provide credible verification unlike many companies in this sector that are just very good at booking “fiat” revenue.

POTN Revenue Growth Marijuana Stocks

On the heels of an already banner year following a strong first half, (POTN) continues to see growth & set new milestones! (POTN) reported third quarter revenues of nearly $4.5 Million Dollars for the third quarter of 2017, realizing a net increase of 29% when compared to the second quarter’s income of $3,183,161.00. This could bring them in line to beat initial expectations that were set at the beginning of the year…but it doesn’t stop a just simple online retail sales…

It’s also important to note that (POTN) has been building strategic relationships with top celebrities in the marijuana space, as well as key advisors in the industry.

For one, Tommy Chong, counter-culture legend, marijuana legalization advocate and half of the incomparable creative team of Cheech & Chong, has selected (POTN) subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc., as his partner to introduce a proprietary brand of hemp-derived CBD oil products, under the brand name, Chong’s Choice CBD.

Furthermore, (POTN) has also entered into a Joint Venture with Lawrence Taylor forLTPainMasterthe development and launch of the “LT Master Pain” Premium Line of CBD oils, a premium quality selection of products, designed to bring athletes and consumers a beneficial supplement to aid in pain relief, neurological support, and overall well-being.

These ventures add even more mass appeal to the company’s product offerings through popular branding and name recognition.

PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (POTN) Appointmenting Numerous Advisors & Executives In The Medical Field - Is This A Precursor Of What’s To Come?

Dr. Mark G. Sabbota

“We’re developing a diverse and hand selected committee of professionals that will strengthen our competitive advantage by providing valuable cutting-edge guidance, and look forward with great anticipation to future growth with the contributions by the accomplished and esteemed Dr. Sabbota, and fellow experts joining our Board.” -Maria Gomez, Regional Vice President of Sales of Diamond CBD, Inc.

Dr. Sabbota received his medical degree from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, at Midwestern University. He completed a transitional internship and internal medicine residency and cardiology fellowship at Botsford General Hospital. Dr. Sabbota completed additional training in cardiology at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Michael McKenzie

Dr. Michael McKenzie, practitioner in family medicine, has positioned himself at the forefront of the industry by gaining a keen understanding of cannabis and its impact on a number of illnesses. In addition to providing medical cannabis certifications in South Florida to qualifying patients, Dr. McKenzie takes pride in being able to help his patients achieve an improved quality of life. Dr. Michael McKenzie is a medical marijuana doctor that genuinely believes that medical cannabis is a revolutionary and highly effective component in helping patients achieve lasting health and wellness.

Dr. Richard Goulding Appointed as New Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Goulding brings to the Company a knowledge of the medical benefits of CBD from a physician’s standpoint. His insight on the latest research utilizing cannabis for pain management and other medical applications is expected to strongly enhance the Company’s ability to excel in this growing sector.

Dr. Goulding is a Loyola University graduate. He completed his general surgery and Otolaryngology residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Dr. Goulding was named Chief Resident of Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1983. He later went on to pioneer and establish several industry leading procedures.

The Big Picture

The bottom line here is that the marijuana industry is still finding its identity.  As many public companies focus on breaking the mold with grows, ancillary products & services, or consulting work, CBD has quietly begun to carve a place to the tune of multi-billions projected in the near term.

Compared to many product driven CBD companies, the numbers continue to favor (POTN) from angles of revenue growth, cashflow, and positive net profit margin.  Also keep in mind that they’ve recently announced an audit of the financials for even further transparency for the public.

If (POTN) continues to grow its brands, expand its product sales pipelines and make wise acquisition decisions as they’ve demonstrated in the last year, then this is going to be one to watch.

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